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Monday, June 9, 2014

What mini-event: Penguin Poll :)

What kind of mini-event would you like to see in the future? Pirates? Underwater? Candy? Race Cars? Balloons? I LOVE Underwater, Candy and Balloons BUT I will vote for Underwater :)

…This is how the Poll looks like right now :) You can vote too on YOUR Favorite option :)

…See earlier Club Penguin Poll!

Party invite: Mod Monday - June 9, 2014 :)

This is a message by Megg: It's almost time for another Mod Monday meet-up! Last week was so much fun - thanks to everyone who came online and hung out with us :D Here's the info for this week: Time: 1:30pm PST (Check the Clock Tower in the Snow Forts if you are unsure when this is) Server Flipper: Shrub Shrub, Lion Mane, Eatyaveggies and Squeakynose…

Server Grizzly: Glitter Roll, Sunrainbows, Lemonylimepi and RootinHootin…

Server Hockey: Glitterbug K, Grand Stand, Rock Opera and RootinHootin…

…Thanks for the Party invite :) You have a RootinHootin BUG in the list OR does RootinHootin have a split personality? LOL :)

Club Penguin Fun Stuff :)

UPDATE: Bug fixed RootinHootin will be in Server Hockey :)

UPDATE: Club Penguin has updated the list again and now Sunrainbows is gone!

The Spoiler Alert Episode 23: Grad Mini-Event!

This is a message by Megg:

Attention all party animals! The graduation celebration kicks off this Thursday -- I know you won't want to miss a chance to show off your dancing skills ;)

Here are the featured updates coming this week:

* Sports themed Igloo and Furniture Catalog items for members

* Penguin Prom at the University

* New pin

…Furniture and Igloo Catalog Sneak Peek…

…Prom Sneak Peek…

…THANKS for the Pin riddle Ninja :) I LOVE riddles :)

Spoiler Alert Episode 22: Prom and Penguin Cup!

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