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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Penguin Cup Kit Builder – Arts and Crafts :)

Here is an Art and Craft idea from Club Penguin: You can design and color your very own hang able Penguin Cup football kit with this print-at-home Kit Builder! Make holes and thread a string through to hang your kit design up on display :) Ask your parents to help with cutting out the kit. Be careful when using scissors.

…Thanks for the idea Club Penguin :) This will be FUN to design :)

Club Penguin Cup CHEATS :)

UPDATE: Yellow Team - Penguin Cup Outfit :)

CPSN: Team Latest Standing!

And here is a Live report from the Penguin Cup brought to you by Club Penguin Sports Network and our own and only Aunt Arctic: Great display from the Sharks. Hot Sauce were right behind them! The Space Squids have a fight ahead. Go Green! And the Fluffies are looking to turn it around.

…Thanks AA for this update BUT the Fluffies are indeed on third place right now! How can this Bug be? Did Aunt Arctic get the statistics wrong OR are the soccer players playing faster then the CPSN computers can count…LOL :)

…Have FUN playing Yellow Team :) Will we move up to second place today? GO FLUFFIES!

Club Penguin Cup CHEATS :)

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