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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Club Penguin Payday July 1, 2014 :)

HURRAY! Today is Club Penguin Payday and the checks just arrived in my mailbox :)

…350 coins for my EPF Agent Work and…

…250 coins for my work as a Tour Guide  :)

…Thanks for the coins CP and THANKS for keeping one Flag from each Teams when you redecorated for the Sharks :) GO HAPPY and CREATIVE FLUFFIES!!!

…See earlier Club Penguin Payday :)

Yellow Team Supporters :)

Here I am in my Penguin Cup 2014 decorated Igloo cheering for the Yellow Team TOGETHER with Rockhopper’s plants…LOL :) GO FLUFFIES!!!

…This is how Rockhopper’s Flowerpots looked like earlier How many Soccer Balls? Saraapril Games :)

Saraapril’s Penguin Cup 2014 Igloo :)

I’m so HAPPY the Yellow Team managed to take third place at the Penguin Cup :) When Shakespeare, Karat, Citrine, Sunshine and I decorated the Soccer Pitch to support the Fluffies Sunshine got a  idea for a Yellow Team Mascot and created The Yellow Team Caterpillar :)

…I like your idea Sunshine :) If we practice and train hard TOGETHER until next Penguin Cup we can transform into Yellow Butterflies and then we are ready to easily and playfully fly through the mini game and WIN THE PENGUIN CUP!!!

…NOPE! I will NOT let you score a goal today…Oops…LOL :) Well Done Karat :)

…See earlier Igloo decoration How many Soccer Balls? Saraapril Games :)

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