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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Party invitation: Mod Tuesday - July 22, 2014!

This is a message by Megg: I know I know, Mod Tuesday doesn't have the same awesome ring to it as Mod Monday does. That's okay though because it's still going to be just as fun! In celebration of the Music Jam, I was thinking of going with a cruise ship theme. You could be the captain, a part of the crew, or you can be one of the guests! The possibilities are endless :D We're also going to keep the mods a secret this time. Their costumes will remain a surprise until you find them online. Fun!

We'll meet at the Dock at 1:30PST and board the cruise ship from there. Here are the servers:

* Great White

* Snowbound

Don't worry, next week we will return to our regular Monday schedule. Waddle on!

…Thanks for the Party invite Megg :)

Club Penguin Fun Stuff :)

Club Penguin Magazine Sneak Peek Issue #33 :)

This is a message by Daffodaily5: Hiya! I just grabbed the latest copy of the UK Club Penguin Magazine, hot off the press! And you know me, I always like to give you guys an EXCLUSIVE inside look into the mag before it hits the shelves. This month it's all about SUMMER HOLIDAAAAAAAAYS! There are some cool features, such as mind-blogging camping holiday puzzles to solve, two EPIC posters, as well as a Beard Battle between Rookie and Sensei - that must be one hairy tale ;) Let's not forget Cadence's Fashion Tips, which is one of my fave sections. I felt very inspired today and decided that my blue puffle deserved a little makeover... into a MERMAID! What do you think? She seems very happy with her new look, don't you think?

To get your hands on the new issue of the UK mag, it's available to purchase from Thursday, July 24th! This month's issue also comes with a code for a 1 month membership! Let me know in the comments what parts of the magazine you're excited to see. Or if you've got any mermaid transformation tips for my puffle, please feel free to share! :D Byeee!

…I think your Puffle looks cute with the shell decorations in her fur :) Do you have some pearls you can add too? I think that would look FABULOUS :)

Club Penguin Magazine :)

UPDATE: Club Penguin Magazine issue 33 :)

Saraapril’s “Music on the Way” Igloo :)

Sunshine and I have filled our Tour Bus Igloo with instruments and now we will drive to a daycare that can’t afford instruments or music teachers and let the kids there play for free :) When school starts again in the Autumn we will visit kindergartens and schools too with our “Music on the Way” Bus :) I <3 Music :)

…See earlier Igloo design: Saraapril’s Penguin Cup 2014 Igloo :)

FREE Beat Dropper Hat and Beat Dropper Outfit!

EVERYONE can now open the Music Jam info page and collect the FREE Beat Dropper Hat and members can also collect the Beat Dropper Outfit!

…Done and Done…

…Come back tomorrow July 23, 2014 to collect Sabrina’s Background!

Club Penguin Music Jam 2014 CHEATS!

Party invitation: Get in the Mix with Chatta!

This is a message by Chattabox: G’Day Penguins, Last week we had a puffin’ good time at the Puffle Park – I think we set a record for most penguins on the slide at one time! Crazy!

This week I’ve been mixing it up at the Music Jam party! How much fun is the Sound Studio?! We definitely have a few penguin DJ’s in the making. This week I’m holding a DJ Party (omg!) on board the Music Jam Cruise ship – AMAZING! I want you all to come along, play your mixes and have a good dance! Make sure you wear your ultimate Music Jam outfit and bring along your puffles – they have such rockin’ dance moves. Lets meet at the buffet on the Music Jam cruise on the Down Under server on Thursday 22nd July. Here are the times:

  • 4pm East Australian Standard Time
  • 6pm New Zealand Standard Time
  • 11pm Penguin Standard Time on Wednesday 21st July for everyone over in the US and Canada
  • 7am on Thursday 22nd July for my pals in the UK.

Waddle on!

…Thanks for the Party invite Chatta :) Have FUN :)

Club Penguin Fun Stuff :)

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