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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Frozen Tour Guide!

Here is a Guided Tour of the Frozen Takeover Club Penguin! First take a look at the Map to navigate…Done? Okay :) Follow me…

…Beach: Welcome to the Troll Cave Some of these stones are trolls and some are just rock.Trolls love to play games and know a lot about magic!

…Member Penguins can Freeze and Thaw the Party rooms by throwing Snowballs and use Hear Emote…

…Dock: This is the palace at Arendelle. It's ready for a coronation. Have some cake and dance at the ball then warm up by the fire!

…Heart Emote…

…Town: Here is the Town Center. It's always a busy, exciting place and a great spot to meet friends or be a Tour Guide! What?! No special party message in this room…Waddle On…


…Forts: You can play here in warm and cold Skate on the frozen moat or swim when it's melted! Enjoy a hot cocoa or an iced lemonade! From here you will be able to visit Elsa's Ice Palace when it’s open and until then here is the Tout Guide message for it: We're way up in the Ice Palace This was all made by Elsa This is where you can hear her perform Wave to Elsa when she comes out! Elsa’s Concert and Ice Palace Sneak Peek!

…No Snow…

…This is the Plaza! Grab a snack at the Pizza Parlor or take in a play at the Stage Adopt a puffle from the Pet Shop then play in the Puffle Park and pamper them in the Puffle Hotel! Hmmm…No special Tour message in this room either…BORING!!!

…Safe messages:
Frozen Fun
Let it go Let it gooo!
Freeze the room with magic!
Thaw the room with hearts!
To the Ice Palace!
Where are the magic snowflakes?
Come to my Ice Palace igloo!
Snowman party!
Let's all be royalty!
Let's practice our magic!

…Frozen Jokes:
What do Arendelle folks say about winter? It's snow problem!
What's a troll's favorite kind of house? A fixer-upper!
What's black and white and red all over? A penguin with a sunburn!
How do bears keep cool in the summer? Bear conditioning!
How does a snowman lose weight? He waits for summer!
What do you call a snowman on rollerblades? A snow mobile!
What does a snowman take when he's sick? A chill pill!
What does the grumpy snowman give? The cold shoulder!
What does a snowman put on icebergers? Chilly sauce!

…The Flowers are so pretty in the Summer :)

…Forest: Need to prepare for an adventure? The Trading Post has what you need! Winter deals in summer Summer deals in winter!

…Forest Defrosted…

…Cove: It's a snowman resort! Play in the sand castle or is that a snow castle? Play some volleyball with friends. A perfect place for a snowman party!

…Summer Time…

…And that’s all Thanks for taking the Tour :) Remember that you can earn the Explorer Stamp and here is a important message: Disney! STOP destroying Club Penguin!

Frozen Party 2014 CHEATS Club Penguin!

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