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Friday, August 29, 2014

School and Skate Party in September 2014 Announcement :)

This is a message by Megg: We know how much all of you LOVE school (but actually, how much fun is back to school shopping? Answer: SO MUCH FUN!) Let’s celebrate all the great things about going back to school – like friends, shopping, and of course, learning! We’re also helping build schools in Ecuador, Haiti, and India, AND providing backpacks filled with school supplies to students. Cool right? We’ve got more exciting news coming soon. Stay tuned! School and Skate Party Sept. 18 – Oct. 1 2014 :)

…I think School is AWESOME FUN :) I LOVE to learn new things and I hope this will be a GREAT Party :) A new Penguin Style with School items will be released September 4, 2014 and I hope the outfits will be Cool for School and not only for University!

School and Skate Party member Sneak Peek :)

Club Penguin Bugs and Details! 

Club Penguin Times issue 463!

Penguin Style CHEATS September 2014 :)

School and Skate Party featured on Club Penguin YouTube and Twitter :)

School and Skate Party Room Sneak Peek :)

Free The Children partnership with Disney Club Penguin!

Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

Club Penguin Times issue 464 :)

Furniture and Igloo Catalog CHEATS September 2014 :)

Work TOGETHER for a better world :)

Saraapril’s I LOVE School Igloo :)

When to meet Rookie CHEATS School and Skate Party 2014 Club Penguin :)

Club Penguin Sneak Peek Video School Skate Party 2014 :)

Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

Where to meet Rookie CHEATS English Servers :)

UPDATE: Club Penguin School and Skate Party CHEATS 2014 :)

Spanish Club Penguin 5 Year Celebration :)

This is a message by Tato Maxx: The event will last all week and will feature visits from superstars like Cadence, Gary and Rookie !!! And of course, all of Spanish bloggers will be touring the island without stopping. I CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE YOU ONLINE! We had many adventures in these 5 years! Leave in the comments the funniest or special anecdote who have lived on the island, I read them all!

…Thanks for the Party invitation Tato Maxx :) Can you post times and servers? Here’s Billybob’s announcement about Club Penguin in Spanish :)

UPDATE: Spanish Club Penguin 5 Year Celebration Times :)

5 Years Spanish Club Penguin Celebration :) FUN with Friends and Aunt Arctic :)

FREE Spanish Fifth Year Hat and MORE Party Times :)

Party Accident!

Saraapril’s Celebration of 5 Years Spanish Club Penguin Igloo :)

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