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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Club Penguin app version 1.5.1 available :)

Disney Club Penguin App version 1.5.1 is now available to download on iTunes for FREE :) “What's New in Version 1.5.1 A NEW party every month! The island's transformed—join the latest adventure. More quests coming soon!”

…This text is the same as it was for version 1.5 so there are probably only Bug fixes or Party preparations in this new version!

…See earlier Club Penguin app version 1.5 :)

School and Skate Party featured on Club Penguin YouTube and Twitter :)

On Club Penguin’s YouTube Channel the upcoming School and Skate Party is now Featured :)

…They have added the Ad picture on their Twitter account too :)

Club Penguin School and Skate Party 2014 Sneak Peeks :)

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