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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Lack of Club Penguin effort in items!

For a very long time the Disney Club Penguin Team has released hair wigs, clothing items, furniture and igloo models that are the same just in other colors! Sometimes I don’t mind but often it makes me less interested in using those items! In the latest furniture catalog we got a new item the “Teacher’s Desk” BUT it’s just a remake of the Santa Desk from 2012 and I find it so SAD that the CP Team seems to be out of ideas and imagination! PLEASE put more effort in making NEW items for us as it is now YOU make Club Penguin BORING!!!

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Disney Movie Rewards 14 Days Club Penguin Membership Offer!

If you live in the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada (excluding Quebec) you can right now get a 14-Day Club Penguin membership IF you BUY Disney Movies! More info here Disney Movie Rewards! Thanks Ella and Monchocho for this information :)

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