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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Rookie will be here…September 28, 2014 :)

Here is a Tracking Rookie tips from Club Penguin: Players can find Rookie waddling around the English server Iceland at 3:30pm PST September 28, 2014.

…Thanks for the information Club Penguin :) More help tips to find Rookie on this post When to meet Rookie CHEATS School and Skate Party 2014 Club Penguin :)

Spot the Skatepark – Saraapril Games :)

Spot the difference in the Skatepark: I like the Artistic Graffiti at the Skatepark :) Here is a picture of me on my PINK Skateboard :)

…Here I am again BUT on this picture three things are different…can you find them?

…Leave your answer as a comment and I will post them on Tuesday :)

Saraapril Games :)

Skateboard Trick for EVERYONE BUG :)

I LOVE to do jumps and do tricks at the Skatepark :) Sadly Skateboards are just available for Club Penguin members and I know that many non member players are sad over this BUT due to a BUG ALL Penguins can do a trick on the bench at the Skatepark without a Skateboard :) Thanks Anonymous for telling me about this :)

…Message to Club Penguin: PLEASE DON’T fix this BUG! Pretty Please?

Club Penguin School and Skate Party CHEATS 2014 :)

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