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Friday, October 24, 2014

Happy Anniversary Club Penguin VIDEO :)

This is a message by Polo Field: I can't believe Club Penguin turns 9 today! It's been amazing to watch how we grow and change over the years.To celebrate, we've created a video of all your amazing fan art! We are truly thankful to have such an incredible community. Without further adieu – enjoy!

What's your favorite Club Penguin memory? Waddle on

…I have so many AWESOME memories so it’s hard to pick just one! Hmmm… the Mountain Expedition was a GREAT FUN Adventure :)


Penguin of the Week Wheels0302 October 24, 2014 :)

This is a message by Daffodaily5: Hiya, It's Friday again - woopsie! I'm so silly :P Wheels0302 is a kind penguin who really looks out for others and speaks out against bullying online. He likes to help spread the word about this important message by getting other players involved with hosting anti-bullying parties in Club Penguin! Great job!

Leave your nominations for Penguin of the Week in the comments. All POTW winners get 10,000 coins and the POTW background! :) Byeee!

…CONGRATS Wheels0302 :) It’s SCARY how many Bullies there are in Club Penguin so THANKS for working against Bullying :) TOGETHER we can make Club Penguin FUN :)

See earlier Club Penguin’s Penguin of the Week :)

Tracking Aunt Arctic CHEATS Spanish Servers :)

If you want to meet Aunt Arctic during Club Penguin’s 9th Anniversary Party in Spanish servers you will find helpful tips from Tato Maxx on this post :)

Tuesday: October 28, 2014 Puffito de Aqua 06:00 AM (PST Penguin Standard Time)

Thursday: October 30, 2014 Invasión puffle 11:00 AM (PST Penguin Standard Time)

Friday: October 31, 2014 Córdigo Agente 02:00 PM (PST Penguin Standard Time)

…AA will also visit the Coffee Shop during other times and in other servers so keep your eyes open for her :) On this post are MORE tracking tips when and where you can find Aunt Arctic :) When to meet Aunt Arctic CHEATS Club Penguin 9th Anniversary :)

Haunted Puffle Hotel CHEATS Club Penguin Halloween 2014!

Find Gary CHEAT French Servers!

You can meet Gary in French Servers during the Halloween Party 2014! Thanks Loustik005 for these Tracking Tips :)

Saturday: October 25, 2014  JOUR DE NEIGE 16.00 (French time zone)

Tuesday: October 28, 2014  YETI 17:30 (French time zone)

Thursday: October 30, 2014 YETI 17:30 (French time zone)

Saturday: November 1, 2014 YETI 12:00 (noon French time zone)

Gary is waddling around during other times and in other servers too so keep your eyes open for him! Tips: He is most often in the Haunted Puffle Hotel!

…On this post are MORE tracking tips when and where you can find Gary :) When to meet Gary Halloween 2014 CHEATS Club Penguin!

Haunted Puffle Hotel CHEATS Club Penguin Halloween 2014!

Find Aunt Arctic in French Servers :)

Aunt Arctic is visiting the Coffee Shop during the Club Penguin 9th Anniversary to celebrate TOGETHER with us :) Here are tips from Loustik005 when she will be online :)

Saturday: October 25, 2014 YÉTI 12:00 (noon French time zone)

Monday: October 27, 2014  YÉTI 5:30 p.m. (French time zone)

Wednesday: October 29, 2014  4:30 p.m. JOUR DE NEIGE  (French time zone)

AA will also visit during other times and in other servers so keep your eyes open for her :)

…On this post are MORE tracking tips when and where you can find Aunt Arctic :) When to meet Aunt Arctic CHEATS Club Penguin 9th Anniversary :)

Haunted Puffle Hotel CHEATS Club Penguin Halloween 2014!

Iceberg Tipped Painting :)

In the Dinning Room the Iceberg is tipped on the painting…Hmmm…is this proof that we one day will be able to tip the iceberg? Time will tell :)

Haunted Puffle Hotel CHEATS Halloween 2014!

Saraapril’s Club Penguin 9th Anniversary Igloo :)

My Halloween 2014 Igloo Project is finished :) HAPPY NINE YEARS ANNIVERSARY CLUB PENGUIN!

…My Puffles and I have made a Chocolate Cake with raspberry and a mix of white, black and red currants icing too Celebrate Nine years of Club Penguin :) The stream that run around our home is black currant and elderberry lemonade :)

…Let’s go and get your siblings from the Backyard Chillie so we can celebrate TOGETHER :)

HAPPY 9th Anniversary Club Penguin CHEATS :)

Puzzle 6 and 7 CHEATS Haunted Puffle Hotel!

Two new puzzles are available at the Haunted Puffle Hotel! Level 6: The sleeping Puffle lies in wait for the turn of a dinner plate! Click on Go There (OR use the elevator)…

…How to solve the puzzle: Click on the mirrors until the beam shines on the lock and then you can pick up another machine part…DONE :)

Tips: You can play the mini game again and again to earn 50 coins again and again :) Done, Done, Done and Done…LOL :)

…Time for the puzzle in room number 7 :) Round and round twirl the dancers down which path lie your answers? Go There…

…How to find the right path in the maze? Follow the arrows and color combination over the lock :) First purple path…(By the way the spider shadow on the floor is PAINTED there so you don’t need to worry that it will come down from above :)

Skip: Whoa. Is this the same room? Did anything change? Saraapril: Indeed it is the same room and I will keep follow the directions of the arrows :) Green path, red path, blue path…

…HURRAY! The safe is unlocked and I can pick up the machine part :)

Tips: There is a coin bag to earn in this room too :) And that’s all for today if you come back tomorrow for more puzzles :)

…What did you say Chillie? You think I should STOP avoiding the Storage room!? WHY!?! I think something SCARY is hidden there so I DON’T plan to go there until I absolutely have to…what?...I KNOW I making a walkthrough guide of the Haunted Puffle Hotel and that room is a part of it so…okay, okay…clicks on level 12…

Skip: Ahh! Ghost Puffles! Be carful! Saraapril: I TOLD you Chillie that something SCARY would be in here!

Skip: That machine look like Gariwald’s ghost catcher. But it’s missing pieces! Saraapril: I think the Ghost Puffles look MEAN!

…Skip: Do you think we could use it to stop the nasty ghost Puffles? Then maybe we’ll find Gariwald. Saraapril: We can try so far I have four missing parts collected :)

…More info about this quest Haunted Puffle Hotel CHEATS Halloween 2014!

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