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Monday, November 3, 2014

Gameplay Sneak Peek Video Puffle Wild App for iOS :)

This Video of the Puffle Wild App is FILLED with game Sneak Peeks :) I think the game looks PUFFELASTIC FUN :) Based on the Sneak Peeks Disney Club Penguin has shown us so far I will give Puffle Wild 500 plus points for graphic and animations, 50 minus points for being so alike Candy Crush Saga and 5000 minus points for NOT being available on Android!!!

Puffle Wild Sneak Peek Video :)

Puffle Wild iOS Sneak Peek info :)

Party invite: Mod Meetup November 3, 2014 :)

This is a message by Megg: Hello Penguins! No better way to recover from a weekend of Halloween candy than to party online with mods! Unless it's partying online with mods WHILE eating Halloween candy...mmm candy. Anyways! This week's featured mod is Frosty Apten :)

Here are a few fun facts about Frosty Apten:

1. I really enjoy video games, dubstep, and dancing.

2. My first party on Club Penguin was the Halloween Party last year.

3. I am an artist and my screen is normally covered in doodles!

4. Favorite server: Blizzard - One of the busiest and I always meet lot of cool penguins there.

You can ask more questions by going on the server Blizzard at 2:00pm PST. Waddle on!

…Thanks for the Party invite :) Can you please draw the Holliday Party with snow that softly falls down and add TONS of snow sparkles?

Club Penguin Fun Stuff :)

Club Penguin Pirate Party Announcement November 2014 :)

This is a message by Megg: Remember that strange blog post from Ninja last week? If you haven't seen it, you can find it here. Ninja, always being one of few words, wanted everyone to guess what the next party is and most of you did! If you guessed the Pirate Party, you are CORRECT!

We'll have sneak peeks coming soon, so keep checking back. Waddle on!

…This is AWESOME I can HARDLY WAIT to meet Rockhopper and Yarr again :)

Pirate Party November 2014 Sneak Peek :)

When to Find Gary CHEATS German Servers!

Time for MORE meet Gary in German servers tips from Koa Koralle :)

The post does not say what time zone it is but it’s probably the time in Germany :)

Wednesday, 05 November 2014

17:30, server Handschuhe

…On this post are MORE tracking tips when and where you can find Gary the Gadget Guy :) When to meet Gary Halloween Party 2014 CHEATS Club Penguin!

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