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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Herbert’s plan for the Pirate Party Sneak Peek :) is updated with a New Picture :) Hmmm…Blueprint for a Crab Robot, A half built Periscope and a Mug with the text #1 Party Pooper…Poor Herbert! I think he is feeling jealous about how much FUN we will have TOGETHER with Rockhopper and Yarr during their visit! Maybe we should give Herbert ear muffles and invite him to join the Pirate Party? TOGETHER we could have so Much FUN :)

Club Penguin Pirate Party Announcement 2014 :)

Pirate Party 2014 member Sneak Peeks :)

Pirate Party 2014 Member Sneak Peeks :)

During the Disney Club Penguin Pirate Party 2014 some features will be for members only and here are a few Sneak Peeks :)

Shop for Pirate Penguin Styles: Arrrr! Get seafarin' styles the likes of the Merguin Fin and the Lost Sailor's Outfit! Penguin Style Catalog CHEATS :)

Build Ships: Starting November 13, 2014 members can build pirate ships inside their igloos. COOL! This looks AWESOME :)

Unlock Special Swords: Members can battle the boss crab with special swords November 20 – December 3, 2014. Why would I like to do that!?! I DON’T like fighting!!! Let’s work TOGETHER for PEACE PLEASE!

Club Penguin Pirate Party Announcement November 2014 :)

Postcards – Penguin Poll :)

How often do you send postcards to friends in Club Penguin? All the time! Sometimes! Rarely! Never! I LOVE postcards I send them all the time both to old Friends and new :)

…This is how the Poll looks like right now :) You can vote too on YOUR favorite answer :)

…See earlier Club Penguin Poll!

Puffle Wild App for iOS, Beta Testers in Australia and New Zealand Wanted!

This is a message by Chattabox: G'day Penguins! Hold on to your Akubra hats - The Puffle Wild app is now available for beta testing in Australia and New Zealand! We're excited to have the chance to test out this epic new app and help make it even better. The Puffle Wild app will be available globally by the end of the year until then, we've captured a video to show all of you what the game looks like:

Now that's enough chatting for one day, I have to get back to playing the app. But, I'd LOVE to know what you think of it in the comments below. Waddle on

…You will find MUCH MORE info on this post Club Penguin Puffle Wild 1.0.1 available in Australia and New Zealand :)

Penguin Style Catalog CHEATS November 2014 :)

The Newest Club Penguin Style is HERE and you can buy the items from the Catalog in the Clothes Shop :) As always I will help you find ALL the hidden secret items WITHOUT ruin YOUR FUN to look for them :)

…We have got two NEW Player Card Backgrounds :) Pink Flamingos and Autumn Plaid Background :) I like that EVERYONE can buy them for 60 coins each :)

…The Popstar Hair Wig 200 coins, Salty Dog Outfit 300 coins, Pumpkin Sneakers 100 coins, Straw Fedora Hair Wig and Hat 200 coins, Plaid Hoodie Outfit 300 coins and Black Kicks 100 coins are NEW items :)

…Top score selfie! #sledracer Orange puffle #photobomb!

…Mouse over this page to find a Secret Hidden NEW item :) Puffle Watch 150 coins :)

…Grey Glasses 150 coins, The Savvy Hair Wig 250 coins, High Seas Fashion 300 coins, The Strawberry Braid Hair Wig 250 coins, Autumn Floral Outfit 300 coins and Black Flats 100 coins are NEW items too :)

…Harvest Orange Slippers 100 coins are NEW too…

…and so are Plaid Shell Purse 175 coins, Houndstooth Bag 200 coins, Leather Purse 200 coins, Wheel Necklace 150 coins, Autumn Scarf 175 coins, Slider Cell 100 coins, Anchor Charm 150 coins and Puffle Umbrella 200 coins :)

…The Paradise Punk Hair Wig 200 coins, Merguin Fin 300 coins, The Pearl Hair Wig 250 coins, Pearl Mermaid Costume 300 coins, String of Shells 100 coins, Island Scraps 300 coins, Leather Bangle 150 and Lost Sailor's Outfit 300 coins are NEW items…

…and so are The Continental Hat 250 coins, Captain's Greatcoat 300 coins, First Maiden Outfit 300 coins, The Bosun Hair Wig and Hat 200 coins, Pirette 300 coins, The Swabbie Hair Wig and Hat 200 coins and Ship Shape Outfit 300 coins :)

…The Squid Lid 150 coins is a NEW item…

…and so is the Klutzy Disguise 350 coins :)

…Commander Coat 350 coins is the last NEW item in this catalog :)

Penguin at Work Goldsmith Apron 100 coins :) Put on this outfit and press ‘D’ to perform the special dance!

…Mouse over this page to find a Secret Hidden item :) Here is the Red Viking Helmet 750 coins hidden :) Open and close three times then open again…

…CONGRATS! You have found the Secret Blue Viking Helmet 1200 coins :)

…Black Studded Shoes 200 coins!

…Trick-Or-Treat Basket 50 coins!

…Big Lollipop 100 coins!

…Raven Wings 300 coins!

…Some of the NEW items in this catalog has in fact been available before in Quests and so on so they are actually OLD!

Club Penguin Catalogs :)

Club Penguin Times issue 472!

Gariwald safe and sound! Rookie’s Arcade Adventure!

Gariwald safe and sound!

The haunted hotel is getting a one-star review for sure. By Gary the Gadget Guy — Great news everyone! Gariwald is safe, the ghost puffles were released, and Skip is gone. It was satisfying to solve the mystery of the haunted Puffle Hotel! The whole island almost became haunted!

Thanks to the cleverness of several investigators, Gariwald was rescued from Skip's ghost-catching scheme. I've now examined the machine, and it was a very reckless plan! Skip was going to absorb ectoplasmic energy from Gariwald and the ghost puffles to super-charge his own ghost powers. The ghost puffles did their best to dismantle the machine after Gariwald was captured, but Skip was tricky. He convinced us to HELP him reconstruct the machine. It was brilliant... but so diabolical! Thanks to quick thinking with snowballs, Skip's machine was destroyed and the backlash of energy sent him far far away. Congratulations to all those who helped my great uncle. Science saves the day!

Rookie’s Arcade Adventure!

BZZT BEEP BOOP BRRRING! By Rookie — Rockhopper is on the way, and I can't wait to see my pirate pal! Last time he was here, he said "Rookie, ye be on thin ice!" He can be confusing, but the only Thin Ice I know about is the game in the Arcade. I've been practicing for a while, and I'm getting better at not falling in the water. Maybe this is some kind of pirate training? Like with the ocean and stuff?I checked on the unplugged arcade machine too. When we turned it on at the Fair, it took you into a retro game world! But, Gary tells me he has no idea what'll happen the NEXT time. For now, that thing is staying unplugged!

Upcoming Events :)

On now! Stage Shadow Guy, Gamma Gal, and a city in need!

Nov. 13 Furniture & Igloo Catalog Swashbuckling adventures, without the sea sickness!

Nov. 20: Rockhopper arrives—expect tall tales, new items, and adventure!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until November 12.
Next pin hidden: November 13—26

Newsflash :)

Migrator, ahoy! Check the telescope on top of the Lighthouse.

Ask Gary!

Where is Gariwald now?–Gray Tunkle
Gariwald is off to another case already. I hypothesize he can't wait to find out more about ghosts and other spooky creatures. He mentioned writing a book about zombies...I inquired about his mansion, which I'd love to visit again. He said it needed some renovations first.

What happened to the hotel?–Con Serge
Skip was the real cause of the haunting. He used Halloween as creepy cover and spookified the Puffle Hotel. The ghost puffles were lured in by the hotel's dark decor. But now that Skip is gone, everything is back to normal. Gariwald and I believe there is only a 60% chance of lasting spectral phenomena.

One bellhop you shouldn't tip.

What was Skip really?–Miss Terry
I've gathered reports from several investigators who were at the scene. I have conclusive evidence Skip was never a bellhop, or even a penguin! He was a ghost of the worst kind. Gariwald informs me ghosts like that exist solely to trick and scare others. He disguised himself as a bellhop and deceived several good-intentioned trick-or-treaters into helping him. Thankfully, they saw through him and sent him flying from the island. But, I haven't been able to determine where he landed. We should keep our spook-o-meter's on hand. We don't know if that's the last we've seen of Skip.

Secrets Classified Hardhat and Jackhammer :)

By Aunt Arctic - Are you looking to remodel? Or maybe you want to take a crack at cracking the Iceberg? You'll need the island's most trusted construction tool—the jackhammer! Head to the Gold Mine under the Mine Shack. You'll find a pile of hard hats there. Pick one up, wear just the hat, and start dancing! Now you can fix, tip, or break anything you need!:

…See earlier Club Penguin Times issue 741!

More soon…

Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

HURRAY! The Horrible Halloween Party is OVER and from the Beacon the Ship Migrator is visible :) HURRY! HURRY!! Rockhopper I can hardly WAIT until I can meet you and Yarr again :) Pirate Party Sneak Peek :)

…On Disney Club Penguin’s Home page ADS has been added! Pirate Party! Battle Crabs for loot! November 20 – December 3, 2014! Then there is an Ad for Adopting Puffles and one for the New Penguin Style Catalog!

…This is how the WHOLE Background Picture looks like!

...The Pirate Party Ad is also added as a Log off Picture!

…The play Squidzoid vs Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal is back at the Stage :) Costume Trunk Catalog CHEATS :)

…And here are the Postcards that are Featured right now :)

…Here are a few item Sneak Peeks Lack of Club Penguin effort in items! The Pirate Queen!

…The Duelist!

…The Castaway!

…Shell Bracers!

Club Penguin Details :)

More soon…

Club Penguin Puffle Wild 1.0.1 available in Australia and New Zealand :)

The FREE app Club Penguin Puffle Wild is designed for both iPhone and iPad and is now available for download from iTunes in Australia and New Zealand as a Beta Puffle Wild :)

  • Released: 03 November 2014
  • Version: 1.0.1
  • Languages: English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
  • Made For Ages 9–11

Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Description by Disney!

NEW from the makers of Disney's #1 virtual world!
Brave explorers wanted! Strange things have been happening in Club Penguin's untamed wilderness... Are you ready to EXPLORE the mysterious area and DISCOVER powerful puffles? In this epic Match 3 adventure, journey to CONQUER the Wilds! Along the way, collect powerful puffles to help match 3. Take on 60+ FREE levels and challenge unique game puzzles where skillful switching and sliding
will create crazy combos! Try for 3 stars on every level!

Explore the Untamed Wild :)

For Everyone:
MATCH and SLIDE O'berries in 60+ wild levels
ACCESS a blue puffle & use its power
EXPLORE the wild and unlock new levels

Collect Powerful Puffles :)

For Club Penguin Members Only:
UNLOCK ALL 13 bonus levels (play 75 levels total!)
COLLECT ALL the powerful puffles once you beat the levels

Take Puffles to the Club Penguin App :)

OPEN ALL power platforms and use puffles to blast O'berries
ACCESS all future updates including bonus levels and more
TAKE ALL rare puffle creatures you earn back into the Club Penguin app

Unlock Bonus Levels :)

UNLIMITED access to all member-only features in the Club Penguin app
With in-App Purchases:
UNLOCK 13 different bonus levels—each available with purchase

Power-Up with Puffles :)

COLLECT powerful puffles once you beat the levels
OPEN power platforms and use puffles to help blast O'berries

Important Game info:

TAKE rare puffle creatures you earn back into the Club Penguin app
The Puffle Wild App is free to play. However, there are optional in app purchases and Club Penguin recurring membership subscriptions available for purchase in the Club Penguin app, that cost real money. A membership means unlimited access and endless play of the Puffle Wild app and the Club Penguin app. If you choose to make a purchase, your iTunes account will be charged.


Before you download this experience, please consider that this app contains in-app purchases that cost real money, push notifications to let you know when we have exciting updates like new content, as well as advertising for the Walt Disney Family of Companies. Children should always ask their parent or guardian to download and play. WiFi or data connection is needed for some features. Network or Carrier data fees may apply if WiFi is not connected.

What is Puffle Wild?

Puffle Wild is Club Penguin's newest app, a match three game featuring everyone's favorite pets, puffles! Use puffle power-ups to defeat crazy levels and conquer the Puffle Wild. Brave explorers might even find some surprises along the way.

Can I download it from the app store?
Puffle Wild is currently only available for download in Australia and New Zealand. PH the Puffle Handler has asked Australia's fearless adventurers to help test the app before we bring it to the rest of the world. Thanks, mates!

When will it be available?
Don't worry, puffle seekers – Puffle Wild should be available for download worldwide soon. Keep checking the Saraapril in Club Penguin blog for the latest puffle news!

…More info about Puffle Wild on this post Gameplay Sneak Peek Video Puffle Wild App for iOS :)

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