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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Pirate Party 2014 Sneak Peeks Club Penguin :)

Rockhopper and Yarr are on the way to Club Penguin for a Pirate Party but it looks like they have run into a Crabby Situation…On this post have I collected links to all the Pirate Party Sneak Peeks :)

Pirate Party November 2014 Sneak Peek :)

Club Penguin Times issue 471!

Club Penguin Pirate Party Announcement November 2014 :)

Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

Club Penguin Times issue 472!

Penguin Style Catalog CHEATS November 2014 :)

Pirate Party 2014 Member Sneak Peeks :)

Herbert’s plan for the Pirate Party Sneak Peek :)

Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

Pirate Party Picture on CP YouTube and Twitter!

Pirate Life – Penguin Poll :)

Migrator is SINKING Sneak Peek!

Club Penguin Times issue 473 :)

ATTENTION! Crabs have taken over the Migrator!

Wooden Sword Pin CHEAT Club Penguin!

Igloo Music List Update November 13, 2014 :)

Furniture and Igloo Catalog CHEATS November 2014 :)

Dueling Swashbucklers! Pirate Party 2014 Sneak Peek!

Saraapril’s Undecorated Igloo :)

Spy Phone message from Jet Pack Guy November 14, 2014 :)

When to meet Rockhopper CHEATS Pirate Party 2014 :)

Rockhopper Island Fan Art :)

Rockhopper's Top 30 List of Things to do Before You're 12 :)

Favorite Fun? Penguin Poll :)

Rockhopper Meetup Times CHEATS English Servers Pirate Party 2014 :)

UPDATE: The Party is HERE! Pirate Party 2014 CHEATS Club Penguin :)

Dueling Swashbucklers! Pirate Party 2014 Sneak Peek!

This is a message by Megg: What would a pirate party be without sword fighting? Seriously... does anyone know? Anyone? Luckily, we won't have to find out! :D During the party, you can battle pesky crabs and duel with your friends! Here's a concept sketch to show you what the crab battle might look like:

What do you think? Are you excited for this feature? I know I sure am! Waddle on

…A Pirate Party without sword fighting would be AWESOME FUN filled with Exploring, hidden Treasures and Amazing sea creature Stories told by Rockhopper just like earlier Club Penguin Pirate Parties! I’m NOT excited over this fighting feature at ALL!

Pirate Party 2014 Sneak Peeks Club Penguin :)

Furniture and Igloo Catalog CHEATS November 2014 :)

The NEW Club Penguin Furniture and Igloo Catalog is here with Puffle Wild and Pirate Party items :) As always I will help you find ALL the hidden secret items without ruin YOUR FUN to look for them :) Look! The Puffle at the Catalog cover has a Medieval Puffle Hat I wonder if that is a Sneak Peek of an upcoming Medieval Party? Time will tell :)

…Mouse over this page to find the Old Scoop Chair 650 coins :)

…The Old Funky Bookshelf 550 coins is hidden on this page too :)

…We have got a Brand NEW very beautiful Igloo Location called Undersea 1800 coins :) Merguins, sharks and more can party in this lovely sea location.

…Wilds Puffle Treehouse 150 coins and Puffle Cave 100 coins are NEW items too…

…and so are Wooden Puffle Swing 150 coins, Rustic Puffle Table 100 coins, O’berry bush 50 coins and Wilds Puffle House 120 coins :)

…Crow’s Nest Front 50 coins, Crow’s Nest Back 50 coins and Mast 100 coins are NEW items…

…and so are Ship Shrouds 100 coins, Ship’s Wheel 75 coins, Pirate Barrel 75 coins and Bowsprit 75 coins :)

…Ship Front Right 50 coins, Ship Front Left 50 coins, Pirate Diving Board 50 coins, Ship Deck 25 coins, Ship Hull Corner 25 coins and Ship Hull Side 25 coins are the last NEW items in this catalog :)

…Dangly Spider 75 coins is an Old item!

…Trick-or-Treats 100 coins is also an Old item!

…And that’s all New and Secret items for this Catalog!

Club Penguin Catalogs :)

Igloo Music List Update November 13, 2014 :)

The Igloo Music List is updated with Pirate Party Tunes :)

Club Penguin Details :)

More soon…

Wooden Sword Pin CHEAT Club Penguin!

There is a NEW Club Penguin Pin available and it’s hidden here inside the Pizza Parlor…

…You have found a Wooden Sword Pin Would you like to pick it up? Nah…not really…but okay…

…This is how the Wooden Sword Pin looks like on my Player Card and now when I have shown that to you I will remove it as I think there is better to solve a problem by TALKING than fighting with swords!

…See earlier Club Penguin Pin!

How to add Saraapril’s Club Penguin Pin Tracker :)

ATTENTION! Crabs have taken over the Migrator!

OH NO! Not so nice looking CRABS have taken over the Migrator and are now on their way to Club Penguin! OH NO! How did this Happen!?! And WHY are they so ANGRY!?! Did Rockhopper try to take their Treasure?

UPDATE: On this post is an Animation of the Crabs on the Migrator Pirate Party 2014 Sneak Peeks Club Penguin Detail: One Crab has Rockhopper’s Captain Hat!

Club Penguin Times issue 473 :)

Weeks Old Message Arrives!

Weeks Old Message Arrives!

Avast me hearties! Me hold be full o’ treasure and I be sailin’ home soon. I just be makin’ a quick stop at Swashbuckler Trading Post fer some cream soda first. Thar always be pirate crabs waitin’ to hear me tales o’ adventure. This time, I be tellin’ them about the jewel o’ the seas, Club Penguin! The pirate crabs be mighty interested in our fair island! –ROCKHOPPER

Legend of Scorn!

A tale from the ancient kingdoms of Club Penguin - By Aunt Arctic — I was digging through the archives in the Boiler Room and I came across this old page from a book. I believe it is from Garianna, Gary’s medieval ancestor. “Once upon a time, on Dragon Peak, there was a mighty beast that ruled the skies. He was Scorn, the Dragon King, nastiest dragon on the mountain. After tricking good dragons into taking a vacation, Scorn took over the kingdoms of Club Penguin. Brave heroes from across the lands had to unite and battle him. Scorn was defeated, but legends say a dragon is rarely gone for good.” What an exciting fairytale!

Island Rumors!

HERBERT UNDERWATER?By Rumor Reporter – WHOA! I got some hot news from an EPF insider. An agent in the know told me that Herbert may have learned to build a submarine! Who knows where he got those plans, but if you see anything that looks like a periscope, let me know. Actually, let EVERYONE know! It’s Herbert!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until November 26.
Next pin hidden: November 27–December 10

Newsflash :)

Celebrate one year of gold puffles. Wear your best bling to the Gold Mine!

Ask P.H. :)

How do I get a gold puffle? –Rocky Driller
If you’re a member, go to the Pet Shop with your best digging puffle. Get a gold O’berry from the big dispenser and get exploring!Your puffle will get a right fancy gold glow. Then it’ll sniff out gold nuggets around the island. Just wait for it to catch the scent!Once you have 15, head to the Gold Mine. There, dig deep and find  a legendary gold puffle! It can be a wild adventure, but those little critters are heaps of fun!

Comics :)

Secrets Classified Dance Contest Tips :)

Think you’ve mastered every dance move? Try beating the secret Expert Mode in Dance Contest! Wait for Cadence to ask which difficulty level you’d like, then click on her instead of picking a level. Cadence will ask if you’re ready for Expert Mode. The real question is... ARE YOU?

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 472!

More soon…

Migrator is SINKING Sneak Peek!

Here is a Sneak Peek from the Russian Club Penguin Team of the Beach during the Pirate Party 2014 and as you can seen the Migrator is SINKING! This is NOT GOOD! Where are Rockhopper and Yarr? I hope they are Okay!

…I wonder if something in Herbert’s plan for the Pirate Party 2014 went wrong?

UPDATE: Pirate Party 2014 Sneak Peeks Club Penguin :)

WAKE UP! Club Penguin Update BUG!

We still haven’t got the New Pin, Club Penguin Times or the Furniture and Igloo Catalog that was promised this week even though an Ad for the Catalog is posted on the Disney Club Penguin Home page…BUG…OR…has someone OVERSLEPT!?! LOL :)

Club Penguin Bugs!

UPDATE: Club Penguin is now updating :)

Club Penguin Magazine issue 37 :)

Club Penguin Magazine issue 37 is here and this issue is about the Holiday Countdown :) The issue is on sale from November 13, 2014 and is available in the UK and Republic of Ireland :) This issue comes with 3 Festive items (Jolly Roger Hat, Santa Beard, Holiday Wreath) that can be unlocked online plus a Treasure Book item and Free Popping Puffles :)

Details from Club Penguin: Ho-ho-hello and welcome to our fun-filled Christmas countdown issue! We're ticking off the days until Christmas with pages of festive fun, including a Cadence comic surprise, Herbert puzzles, and instructions on how to make your own puffle Christmas tree decorations!

Holiday Countdown UK Magazine Sneak Peek :)

Club Penguin Magazine :)

Penguin of the Week Sunny Hof November 13, 2014 :)

This is a message by Daffodaily5: Hiya! Sunny Hof has a sunny name and a sunny attitude! She’s a bright spark who loves to teach new penguins all about the secrets of the Island, and throws some brill parties in her Treehouse igloo. Check out her trendy Halloween outfit too – super fashionable!

Leave a comment telling us who should be the next Penguin of the Week! All POTW winners will get the POTW background and 10,000 coins. Byeee!

…CONGRATS Sunny Hof :) Thanks for helping other Penguins and for caring for your Puffles :)

See earlier Club Penguin’s Penguin of the Week :)

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