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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Club Penguin Times issue 482!

Galactic Threat Approaching! The White Puffle’s Story :)

Galactic Threat Approaching!

What does the Empire want? By Aunt Arctic — I bring serious news today. Club Penguin will soon be caught up in a conflict with the Galactic Empire. The Empire rules many planets in the galaxy, and they're on their way here.

The Empire promises peace and order, but they don't have a good record. The only way they make peace is by arresting anyone who doesn't follow their rules. Many of the planets they took over are unhappy. I don't know that Club Penguin will appreciate their brand of 'peace'. I've heard there are rebels waiting for a chance to strike back. Everyone, watch out for each other next week! Disney! STOP destroying Club Penguin!

The White Puffle’s Story :)

What secrets lie behind that cute exterior? By Sensei — As a ninja master, the white puffle intrigues me. It is humble, but with great abilities. PH has told me of wild puffle creatures with unique powers. But a white puffle can freeze a whole lake with a breath. That is more skillful than farting hearts. The white puffle was seen hiding near the Dojo before it could be adopted. Like a clever ninja, it watched before taking action.It does not surprise me that some ninjas believe the stone puffles that guard the Dojo are white. But, like the white puffles, the stone puffles hide secrets of their own..

Upcoming Events :)

Jan. 22 Ghost Arrives Do you have what it takes to join the crew? Club Penguin Star Wars Rebels Takeover 2015 Sneak Peeks!

Jan. 28 Empire Day The day the Empire celebrates its creation.

Feb. 5:  Penguin Style–clothes fit for a star!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until January 21.
Next pin hidden: January 22–February 4

Newsflash :)

Adventurers gather in the Gold Mine to search for hidden passages!

Ask Gary!

What is Lothal? – Stella R.
By my calculations, Lothal is a planet in a galaxy far far away. I haven't yet measured the exact distance. I can tell you that Lothal is having a lot of trouble with the Empire–the stormtroopers are taking their land and food. Many citizens don't have enough to eat! But there are rumors of a secret rebel crew trying to change that. Just like the EPF, they stop the Empire with stealth and clever operations. I've heard they fly on a ship called the Ghost. I'm wary of ghosts after that Halloween with Skip, but perhaps this one is just what we need!


What's a lightsaber? – Pad A. Wan
Lightsabers are highly intriguing. They are both technologically brilliant, and really cool. They are a symbol of the Force, used both by the Jedi and the Sith. They can cut through just about anything, and even deflect lasers! Now, they say they're not as clumsy or random as a blaster. But, my tests show that unless you're trained in lightsaber forms, you can really mess up your room. Maybe we should train pizza chefs to increase chopping efficiency in the Pizza Parlor. I look forward to examining various types of these lightsabers next week.

Secrets Classified Hydro Hopper Tips :)

By Aunt Arctic - Hydro Hopper is the oldest game on Club Penguin, but it's great fun to skim over the water and earn coins. Here are some tips if you find yourself swimming more than hopping:

• You gain extra points when you jump over an obstacle.
• If you move left and right quickly while you're jumping over something, you can get even more points!
• Don't try to jump buoys though! You just have to steer clear of them.

…See earlier Club Penguin Times issue 481 :)

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