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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Club Penguin Times issue 484!

Exclusive: Outlaw Captured! Sabotage!

Exclusive: Outlaw Captured!

Protecting Lothal. Protecting You. By Alton Kastle — Attention, citizens. The Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) has captured the leader of the rebels! Kanan, the infamous criminal, has been caught. This is truly a great day for our Empire. With him gone, the planet will once again be under our complete control!

Kanan's capture provides an excellent example for other rebels. Their leader is held in a high-security prison ship and will soon be taken care of. Other troublemakers will see that they must stop now or join him! Some have doubted that we could capture such a clever and able rebel. But, I never doubted our ISB. Just like a Stormtrooper, they're always on the mark. One final word, do not listen to any rumors about a daring escape plan launched by the rebels. The prison ship is completely secure and no one has ever escaped from it. Those rumors are simply not true!


A suspect in the case. By Imperial Times Reporter — My dear citizen, these are chaotic times. There have been numerous attacks on Imperial troops recently. No civilians have been hurt. Actually, they look much healthier than normal. Our defense towers were hit hard, so smugglers and rebel craft are flying freely. Minister Tua requested more Stormtroopers, but recruitment is way down. There just aren't enough Imperial posters left in the city. With all of this disruption, Imperial officers are wondering if it's worth hanging on to this planet!

Upcoming Events :)

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Feb. 12:  Furniture and Igloo Catalog– Host auditions at your own igloo!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until February 4.
Next pin hidden: February 5–February 18


Stormtroopers request help to stop rebel groups. Sign up today!

Ask the Inquisitor!

What's with your face? – Spek Tor-six
How did you get access to the comm channel? Agent Kallus will hear of this mistake. As for my "face", these are the marks of my skill and loyalty. I have gained them as I've grown more powerful in the Force. They should let you know I am not to be trifled with! Just wait until I trace your transmission.

The Imperial Times does not endorse or even control this message.

What are you after? – Spek Tor-six
You insolent fool! You dare to send another message? I'm after the Jedi that seek to disrupt the Empire's grand plans. Your kind are a threat to the safety and peace of the galaxy. I will stop you. My master has prepared me to deal with any Jedi threat. I know every lightsaber form and can read an opponent like a book. What chance do novices like the rebels have against me? None.

Secrets Classified The Empire is Losing its Grip!

By Rebel-rouser Thanks to all the rebel missions, the citizens of our planet are rising up! They're learning they can stand up against the Empire. Soon, we'll be able to throw off their rule completely! Keep at it! Your actions are fanning the flames of rebellion. Even returning fruit to its rightful owner makes a difference! Thank you for your help.

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 483!

More soon…

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