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Monday, January 5, 2015

Coins for Change 2014 Results OR is it a FAKE!?!

This is a message by Megg: Thanks to everyone who took part in Coins For Change 2014. You guys donated an amazing 26 BILLION coins! WOW!

One of the projects we're supporting is a playground built by KaBOOM! Some members of the Club Penguin Team will be going down to give them the news. And as part of the surprise, we wanted to share some messages from you, to the children in the community where the playground will be built. So leave your message in the comments below. Waddle on

…I find it UNBELIEVABLE that we kids donated so many coins this year! I think YOU at Club Penguin suddenly added TONS of coins to reach the goal and to get the “record” Chris Heatherly (Spike Hike) wanted so he can use that in another FALSE Disney Marketing of Club Penguin through Media! Another thing that is suspicious is that the coins that we donated through buying items from the Penguin Style Catalog or through direct donations at the Coins For Change donation stations during the Merry Walrus Party ends on a 5 or a 0 and still the Grand Total could be at an impossible number like at this picture when the progress number ends with a 3! I think the 2014 Coins For Change result is FAKE and that is indeed an insult to ALL of us Penguins that TOGETHER donated our hard earned coins!

Coins For Change Result 2008

Coins For Change Result 2009

Coins For Change Result 2010

Coins For Change Result 2011

Coins For Change Result 2012

Coins For Change Result 2013

UPDATE: Coins For Fake 2014 CONFIRMED!


Anonymous said...

I thought it sounded a bit suspicious! It kind of seems like Club Penguin is starting to go downhill a bit.

Unknown said...

I'm thinking the results may be real, though I believe that it may not be correctly calculated. Btw, I'm Xkimo in CP. :)

Thomas said...

...Isn't Coins For Change fake anyway? I mean, how do a bunch of virtual coins affect real life money? I doubt it does. I'm sure the team just has leftover money donated or something. Still though, Coins For Change is good as it encourages young kids to help the world and change it for the best. That's probably why they faked it; still surprised they would though, if they actually did.

- Red Apollo.

Kowalski8503 said...

is fake like the CFC 2013, the active players on Club penguin are very few, that amount are impossible to reach now, in 2012/2011 maybe, but now... just no.

Anonymous said...

:O I never thought about that -zoom zoom103

007 Bond 50 said...

lt's fake.
1) lt would have been impossible to reach the final project and completed it in one day.
2) The number at the end went from 0, to 6 , to 3 , to 4 , Etc.

Anonymous said...

another thing I would like to add is that this isn't really surprising because they keep making "old is gold" players mad (like me) and they quit and they set up this HUGE goal that is just IMPOSSIBLE to reach if they would stop making people mad and just let CP be our game like it was they might get old players back and then with those extra people donating they could reach the goal so yeah it does seem like they would have to take matters into their own hands to reach the goal :/ -zoom zoom103

Madde95 said...

Interesting theory.. it do sound quite strange the whole thing

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