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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Club Penguin Times issue 489 :)

SoundStudio Party Wraps Up! PH has Plans!

SoundStudio Party Wraps Up!

The party’s over but the music’s still on. By DJ Cadence — That party was ICE! U guys are CRAY talented. I LUV’d seeing everyone perform and give it their all!The Pop shows were full of energy. Dance performances made me want to get on the floor. Wicked bass drops from the Dubstep stage. And killer guitar riffs rocked.

That was totes the loudest party we’ve EVER had. I bet Herbert’s SO mad. Snowball Records was rocking with everyone’s performance. I’m not sure Rookie’s rake-playing skills were quite what we were looking for. But I like his enthusiasm! And meeting so many of you was a BLAST! I luv to hear you sing! U guys got me super pumped. I can’t wait to get back in the studio. U should totes check out SoundStudio in the Dance Club to keep the beat going. As they say, practice makes perfect! I can’t WAIT for the next performance! DJ Cadence out!

PH has Plans!

New renos for the Ski Lodge. By PH — G’day mates! Have I got news for ya! I’ve got big plans to renovate the Lodge. That Attic would be a great place to store relics from the island. Bring your jackhammers and help shake things up! You can get them at the Mine. I’ve been out exploring the Wilds and I’ve met some ace puffles out there. And I know there are plenty of puffle experts back here just waiting to adopt them. But, puffle creatures are a big responsibility. We gotta make sure you guys are trained up. I’ll have more details for ya soon! SNEAK PEEK from Polo Field :)

Upcoming Events :)

On Now! Penguin Style Everything a puffle fan could want. And we mean everything!

Mar. 14 Pi Day Celebrate by flexing your math muscles and eating delicious pie!

Mar. 12:  Furniture and Igloo Catalog— Puffle chewing your furniture? New puffle-proof items!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until March 4.
Next pin hidden: March 5 (BUG info! This text belongs to the Club Penguin Times issue 487)

Newsflash :)

Pi day is March 14. Bring calculators and pie! Lots of pie! We like apple, and pumpkin, and rhubarb, and SIN/COS functions.

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

How do I send in Fan Art? – Maya Arte
I do love looking at all the creative art you send in. It is delightful how talented you all are. Whether it’s puffles or self-portraits, they’re all so different and lovely. You can send in your artwork by visiting the Fun Stuff Be sure to include your penguin name in your picture. We hope to include some of your artwork in more newspapers! Keep checking the Club Penguin Times to see if your masterpiece is featured.

Green Raccoon Puffle :)

By Pinkie7031. Ace drawing, Pinkie7031! That is a beaut of a green raccoon puffle. I love how happy and playful you have him looking. Did ya know green puffles love playing funny tricks? Like all raccoon puffles, they’re very daring and aren’t afraid of exploring places at night. Ya did some great coloring on him, and I bet ya got almost every shade of green in there! I especially like the added touch ya did with the shadowing ’round the bottom of the puffle. Keep up the great work!— PH

Secrets Classified  EPF Secret :)

By Rookie - Oh hey guys! The EPF is always looking for new agents. The Director says safety and secrecy are our highest priorities. And you get to wear pretty cool sunglasses. And sometimes you get to help Gary with his inventions. I remember this one time, he needed help with his Cheese 1000. It was so much tastier than regular cheese! Oh yeah, I should probably tell you how to become an agent. The Everyday Phoning Facility isn’t just a place with phones and a goldfish (Chips). It’s actually the entrance the the EPF headquarters. And to get in to the headquarters you’ll have to “Answer the Call”. Literally. There’s a telephone ringing, pick it up. Does this thing self-destruct?

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 488 :)

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