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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Club Penguin Times issue 493 :)

April Fools 2015 Edition :)

Hey, this paper comes outright after April Fool’s! Yeah, we should do something special! Yes! How many comics would Aunt Arctic let us print? Let’s find out!

When my Fan Art gets chosen I’m like!

Upcoming Events :)

Apr. 9 Penguin Style New Spring styles have hit the Clothes Shop in the Town.

Apr. 9 Furniture & Igloo Catalogs Everyday living and big screen blowouts!

Apr. 9:  The party will end but the wild puffles will be here!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until April 15.
Next pin hidden: April 16–29

Newsflash :)

Sneaker heads are comparing their new kicks at the Clothes Shop. What do you think of these styles?

Ask P.H. :)

Are the wild puffle creatures here to stay? – Guy D.
Oops! This isn’t a comic, but I reckon it’s important. Wild puffle creatures are here to stay! From raccoons, to rabbits, deer, and a unicorn, they’ll liven up igloos and backyards all over the island. Once we sort out the Puffle Lodge and get that hole fixed, everyone will be invited to join the Puffle Guides and enter the Wilds. Right outside of the Lodge, you’ll find the Wild Puffle Reserve. This is where wild puffle creatures will come to find new owners. Members can adopt them from there, even after the Puffle Party.

Making of a Comic :)

Secrets Classified Strange Items Found in the Wilds :)

By Aunt Arctic - New Puffle Guides are reporting in, and they’ve made some intriguing finds in the Wilds. In addition to the wild o’berries and other natural foods, they’ve found sandwiches, coffee, and barrels of cream soda. Is the Wilds becoming a popular picnic spot? Or are people using lunches to mark their path? I’m curious as to what would cause such a peculiar assortment of items to be there. I’ve had confirmation that the puffles aren’t interested in these. They don’t even recognize most of it as food. Is it possible someone or something else has been taking food from Club Penguin and snacking on it out there?

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 492 :)

More soon…

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