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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Club Penguin Times issue 494 :)

An interview with ?????? The Wild Puffles of the Wild :)

An interview with ??????

He may have eaten the first microphone. By Aunt Arctic — This may be the most exclusive interview of my career! I am very pleased to bring you the words of the sasquatch himself. Learn about his life with the puffles and where he got that rare Beta Hat!

Aunt Arctic: Hello! Thank you for coming into the CP Times and speaking to me.
??????: Welcome. The sasquatch think glasses lady nice.
Aunt Arctic: Um, well, thank you. But you can call me Aunt Arctic. And do you have a name? Or shall I call you the sasquatch
???????: *shrugs*
Aunt Arctic: Very well. Can you tell me about living with the puffles
???????: Puffles nice family. The sasquatch grow up with puffles. Thought he was puffle! That seem funny now. The sasquatch much bigger... and have more limbs.
Aunt Arctic: Ah. Quite. I know a lot of our readers are curious about your hat. How did you get such a rare item?
??????: The sasquatch love pointy hat! Penguin gave it to the sasquatch long time ago. He had nice green jacket.
Aunt Arctic: Oh, that’s quite the mystery. Can I ask you about the Lodge? I understand you were so hungry you broke through the wall and ate the fish cake
???????: The sasquatch sorry. Now he fish, he not so hungry. The sasquatch help fix big hole.
Aunt Arctic: Well, that’s very kind of you. It was lovely to talk with you. Please come back any time.
??????: Thanks, Aunt Glasses. The sasquatch go for family dinner now.

The Wild Puffles of the Wild :)

New puffles available. By PH — G’day everyone! Thanks to all the Puffle Guides who helped with our expedition. We discovered a lot about wild puffle creatures. They don’t like pinecones, for one thing!Here’s some fun facts about our wild friends:
• The blue raccoons want to join the EPF as elite puffles. As soon as they heard of it, they knew it was for them.
• The unicorn puffles are always looking in the mirror and farting hearts. Rabbit puffles can’t stand it.
• The pink rabbit puffles are record-breaking high jumpers. There’s no obstacle course they can’t master.
• The black deer will always help you find your way.

You can find their home through the Puffle Lodge. Members can adopt them all.

Island Rumors :)

By Rumor Reporter – The icy slopes of the Tallest Mountain are heating up! Rumors are starting to fly about a new racer named Intothemoat. Look for his trademark hat and long hair topping the scoreboards! But no one’s winning streak will last forever! Who might topple the legend?

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until April 15.
Next pin hidden: April 16–29

Newsflash :)

Visitors to the Ski Hill are asked not to loosen the belt that is holding the chair lift together. It is a precision instrument!

Ask Rookie :)

How did you learn Crab? – Count R. Spy
Huh, that's a really good question. How DID I learn Crab? Well, it's super handy if you want a good deal on seaweed and shrimp wraps. The EPF has even called me in to decode Klutzy's messages to Herbert. Usually he's just talking about what movies they should watch, though. I just wish I was better at speaking it. Getting those little clicks right is hard with tap shoes. And if there are any crabs reading, here's a little message for you! Clickety-click. Click clickety-click. :)

Hard at work on attempt #2999.

What’s with Gary’s inventions? – Ian Ventor
Oh, his inventions are amazing! And sometimes scary. I help Gary at his lab a lot. He calls it “janitorial engineering”, which is like cleaning up, I guess? I get to see all of the work he puts into every gadget. There was some really weird stuff going on when he was working on the Time Trekker. There were like three Garys all telling me what to do at once! But even with all that craziness, I love having Gary’s inventions around. Can you even imagine a world without the Pizzatron 3000!?

Secrets Classified Bean Counters Tips :)

Have you tried out the Bean Counters game in the Coffee Shop? Catching all those bags of beans takes talent. With a little know-how, earn extra coins and make it to a new level!
• You can hold a maximum of five bags at a time before you collapse under the weight.
• The anvil, fish, and flower pot always fall in the same locations.
• Still holding bags when the truck leaves? Earn extra coins by adding them to your pile.

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 493 :)

More soon…

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