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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Club Penguin Times issue 495 :)

Mine Maze Open! Feeding Your Puffles :)

Mine Maze Open!

Another secret of the underground. By Rookie — Whoa! A mine maze totally opened up at the Docks! I heard the sasquatch was digging for treasures over there. Some puffle habits are hard to shake, I guess. But why is there a maze buried under the Docks? Who could have made it?

The sasquatch was joined by puffles that also sensed treasure in the area. Let's find out what they were digging for! There are hardhats at the entrance so you can jackhammer dance. And be safe. Maybe there's a prize at the end of the maze. Or a sandwich! Or a PRIZE SANDWICH!? If you find a way to the finish, pass on hints to new explorers. I know I would appreciate the help!

Feeding Your Puffles :)

A balanced breakfast for the active puffle. By PH — Are you stumped on how to feed yer new wild puffle creatures? You gotta find a feeding station! Any puffle can enjoy a snack on the go at the popular Pizza Parlor or the swanky Puffle Hotel. Just walk up to one of the stations and let your pet chomp away. If you don’t have time to take all your puffles out for food, no worries! You can always put them in the backyard. They’ll snack on o’berries back there, so they won’t get hungry if you’re away for a while.

Upcoming Events :)

Apr. 17 Haiku Day Read a haiku with your ninja pals on Haiku Day!

May 7 Penguin Style Get hot new styles before the summer comes!

Apr. 23:  Frozen Party— Frozen returns with new costumes!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until April 29.
Next pin hidden: April 30–May 13

Newsflash :)

Bring your noisemakers and horns and toot blasters to Club Penguin University. It’s Spring Break and it’s going to get LOUD!

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

Where do I find new furniture and igloos? – Con Trakter
Sounds like you’re looking to redecorate, Mr. Trakter. Well, your first stop should the Furniture & Igloo Catalog. You’ll need to go to your igloo and click the catalog icon in the bottom right. Then, you can flip through and pick out what you need. Got a crazy project in mind like a restaurant on the moon or an underground train? You should look at the locations and igloos to see if any work. If not, go with a basic igloo and check out all the furniture. Don’t forget you can rotate furniture and even change how it looks. With some clever combinations, you can make just about anything! If you see something you really need, don’t miss out. New items arrive every month, and that means old items are removed every month too!

A ship-shape pirate.

Who’s Rockhopper?–R.B. Acaptin
Rockhopper is a pirate captain, Club Penguin’s best-known adventurer, and a very good friend of mine. Together with his red puffle Yarr, he sails the high seas in his ship, the Migrator. Actually, he’s on to the third Migrator. You don’t go on that many daring adventures without losing a ship or two to the waves. From Lost Treasure Island to Rockhopper Island, his travels send him far and wide. When he returns, he brings back rare items and tall tales. Legend has it, he has battled a squid, played Mancala against the Merry Walrus (and lost), and fenced with a pirate turtle. He’s always up for a pirate parade, and enjoys a good pizza party—so if you happen to meet him, be sure to join in. And don’t mind the odor. It’s just the stinky cheese he keeps in his beard for later!

Secrets Classified Catchin’ Waves :)

By Rookie - Surf’s up everyone! It’s time to hang ten! Shoot the tube! Do a barrel roll! I’m not sure what any of those mean, but I DO have some tips for Catchin’ Waves. Surf-alicious!

• Looking to impress the judges? Each one has a favoritetrick—so figure what they want to see, and keep doing it!
• Red puffles are surf experts, so bring yours along to get an edge over the competition. They’ll help you earn points and coins.
• If you’re a member, look for the Silver Surfboard. It’s hidden in the Game Upgrade catalog at the Cove. It’ll help you go SUPER FAST

With these tips, you’ll be surf-a-nating the waves-ness in no time. Surfs down!

…See earlier Club Penguin Times issue 494 :)

More soon…

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