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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Club Penguin Times issue 496 :)

Frozen Fever! Rookie Interviews Himself :)

Frozen Fever!

Elsa and her friends are back! By Aunt Arctic — Frozen Fever has hit the island hard! Let’s give a warm welcome back to Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, and Olaf! Well, maybe don’t give too warm of a welcome to Olaf. That adorable snowman might melt! I’ve got the scoop on why they’re visiting—Queen Elsa’s got a big plan!

Queen Elsa wants to show her love to Anna with a big birthday party!After throwing one in Arendelle, she and Anna are coming here too. They enjoyed the last Frozen party so much they wanted to do it all again. Collect magic snowflakes, freeze and thaw rooms, and show our visitors from Arendelle how much we love hosting them here on Club Penguin! Oh, and watch out for snowgies! Elsa’s still getting over her cold.

Rookie Interviews Himself :)

He’s a double agent. By Rookie — I’m the EPF Communications Lead, so Aunt Arctic says I need to get good at being interviewed. I put myself up against a really tough interviewer... me.
Rookie: You’ve said Rookie is your rank and your name, but what is your real name?
Rookie: It’s way too silly, haha. I’ll never say.
Rookie: Why don’t you tell us what the EPF is up to right now?
Rookie: Sure. We’re going after... HEY! You’re trying to trick me into giving up secrets.
Rookie: Ha. That’s right. I almost got you that time! What’s the toughest thing you’ve ever done for the EPF?
Rookie: OH! One time, Jet Pack Guy and I had to sneak through a forest filled with Herbert’s traps without talking. If we said even ONE word, we’d be captured! I couldn’t see any traps, but JPG told me they were totally there.
Rookie: Well, that’s all the time I have today. Thanks for the interview, Rookie!
Rookie: No worries. I’m sure I’ll see you around!

Upcoming Events :)

May 7 Penguin Style Styles like whoa! Check them out at the Clothes Shop in the Town.

New Furniture & Igloos! Are you done spring cleaning? Look for the new catalog in your igloo!

May 6:  Frozen Party Ends— Members can only get snowman puffles during the party.

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until April 29.
Next pin hidden: April 30–May 13

Newsflash :)

Happy Snuggle-a-Snowgie day! Each one is like a snowman marshmallow. Except not like Marshmallow, the snowman.

Ask Rookie :)

How do I get a skateboard? – Allie Oop
Heya! Members can pick up a skateboard at the Skate Park. Just head to the Mine Shack and go right. Click on the stand and pick out whatever sweet style you want. Though I don’t know WHO would pick the Herbert board!

How do I do tricks? – Allie Oop
Oh MAN! I usually end up doing a beak plant if I try tricks. But I talked to some skaters and they said you just click on the arrows in the Skate Park when you’re wearing your skateboard. The only gnarly fliptricks I’ll be doing are with pancakes and syrup! Actually, that’s not a bad idea...

Top Secret Fan Art :)

By julietta143. I absolutely love the atmosphere in this drawing. It appears these EPF agents are ready for a big operation. Even Agent Rookie looks like he’s taking things seriously! I’m guessing that the keen-looking agent at the bottom is julietta143 herself. I don’t know if that scarf is EPF regulation, but she certainly looks like one of the team. I wonder what caused the power to go out in this picture? Is it one of Ultimate Protobot 10K’s attacks? Or maybe one of Herbert’s diabolical devices? It would be delightful to know what story julietta143 was thinking of when she drew this piece of art.– Aunt Arctic

Secrets Classified Penguin Style Secrets :)

By Aunt Arctic - Like most things on the island, the Penguin Style catalog is more than it appears. Each month, the new catalog arrives at the Clothes Shop with clothes and backgrounds for members to buy. But, if you search the pictures carefully, you might just find even more to wear!In every catalog, you can find hidden items. Click on the right spot to make them appear. Happy hunting to the style sleuths!

…See earlier Club Penguin Times issue 495 :)

More soon…

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