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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Club Penguin Times issue 501 :)

Puffle Berry Mall opening soon! Sensei at the Fair :)

Puffle Berry Mall opening soon!
Now with a costume shop! By Aunt Arctic — Big news! I'm delighted to announce the Plaza is getting an update. The Puffle Berry Mall will be opening next week. Check out what's inside!
City planners heard how much everyone enjoyed hanging out and shopping at the mall. So they decided to make it a permanent room. You can meet your friends in the food court and enjoy a Fluffy Fish Burger, or head up to the shops on the second floor. For all those aspiring actors out there, don't worry. Now the costumes for all the Stage plays will be available in the new catalog. And a new Stage igloo will be available in the Furniture and Igloo Catalog for members to purchase.
Sensei at the Fair :)
There is much to be learned from a Squid Coaster. By Sensei — Greetings, grasshoppers.I am taking in the spectacles of the Fair—every ride and every game.I especially enjoyed the Marooned Lagoon. I may have sped up the boats with a few water cards!Perhaps next year they will build a Ninja Park. A battle of the elements would be a most enjoyable addition.But do not worry, ninjas. Even while I'm here, I am still at the Dojo. It's an old ninja trick!
Upcoming Events :)
Jun. 4 Penguin Style Get ready for the beach or the boardwalk!
Jun. 4 Furniture & Igloo Catalog Hot new summer furniture and igloos with top of the line security!
Jun. 4:  Puffle Berry Mall Opens—Let’s go to the mall and make a wish in the fountain!
Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until June 10. Next pin hidden: June 11–24
Newsflash :)
Fair fashions making a big splash. Especially the butterfly mermaids!
Ask Aunt Arctic :)
What is the red glowing light you can see from the Lighthouse? – Squeaker0902
Thanks for writing in Squeaker0902! That red glowing light is a beacon. A few years back Captain Rockhopper led an expedition to Shipwreck Island. It's a very dangerous place and many ships have crashed on its rocks. With the help of some brave sailors, Captain Rockhopper built a red beacon there. Now he can sail around the island without crashing the Migrator. At least on that island...
Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal PT. 2 :)

Secrets Classified Fair Game - Medieval Monsters :)
Looking to earn some Fair tickets in the Medieval Monsters game? Here are some tips to help:
• Try aiming just in front of the moving targets
• Throw a snowball at the ogres in the front as soon as they pop up
• The fireballs and lightning bolts are the hardest to hit, so aim carefully to save the knight and the princess
…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 500 :)
More soon…

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