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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Club Penguin Times issue 504 :)

Rockhopper climbs a Mountain!

Rockhopper climbs a Mountain!

Here be another tale o' me faraway travels. I reached the island from me treasure maps, but the booty be buried at the top of a mountain. Who be the barnacle-butted scallywag burying treasure that high?! Flip over!

I be having to climb the slippery slopes, with the wind blowin' as hard as a hurricane. It almost sent me flying off the cliffs! Arrr! From now on, I be calling this place Blasted Big Mountain Isle. It be far too high up for any proper pirate. Not that I be afraid of heights, or anything. And even if I be afraid, and I not be—I want me treasure more. No foolish mountain will get between me and the Wheel of Potent Cheese. Avast! I be so hungry, I'd eat that cheese even if it be cursed!

Operation: Blackout!

Newly declassified secrets. By Aunt Arctic — Of all of Herbert's awful schemes, Operation: Blackout was the most villainous. The EPF's files tell me Herbert stole heat from the whole island to warm one small part for himself. He even kidnapped and froze several members of the EPF. If it wasn't for the actions of one brave agent, we would be living in a very different Club Penguin! Events like that prove we need highly-trained EPF operatives to protect the island. I hear they're recruiting, but you'll have to discover how to get in on your own. Do you have what it takes?

Island Rumors :)

CONSPIRACIES ABOUND! By Rumor Reporter – Have I got a crazy theory for you today! After my questions about the Phoning Facility, I heard from a whole lot of conspiracy theorists. Some said the Facility is a portal to another dimension, or that aliens use it to communicate. But a few have insisted that it's the EPF's headquarters, and Aunt Arctic is their Director! Aunt Arctic may be tough on deadlines, but I hardly think she's cut out to be a spymaster. What a crazy idea!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until June 24.
Next pin hidden: June 25–July 8

Newsflash :)

Swimming lessons cancelled due to crocodile party in the Underground Pool.

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

How do game upgrades help you in the games? – Alfiesfreind
Thanks for your question! Members can buy upgrades right next to several games. Some help with the game, while others just look snazzy. Sled Racing: Switch up your style with a traditional sled. Hydro-Hopper: Take a new look onto the water and grab a wakeboard. Catchin' Waves: Look at the Cove catalog for more surfboards. There's even a hidden silver one!

Unicorn Puffle Fan Art by p270703065 :)

By PH — Ah bonza! You did a wicked drawing of a unicorn puffle. I know that spotlight-loving Glitterpants will be happy to see it. He always wants more unicorn puffle art. I think you got the tail and mane just right. What would he call that look again?Oh right—RARE... Keep up the great work!

Secrets Classified Numbered Buoys :)

By Aunt Arctic - Have you ever noticed the numbered buoys scattered around the island? Most of them are near the Lighthouse, but some can only be reached by jet pack.There appear to be at least eight, but there could be more. Why are they here? Buoys are normally used to mark a path, so where could these ones be leading us? I'm looking into this, but I'd love your help.

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 403 :)

More soon…

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