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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Mission 4: Avalanche Rescue Club Penguin CHEATS :)

How do I finish the mission Avalanche Rescue?

Agents –  make sure you have about 45 minutes of free time to complete Avalanche Rescue. If you have to quit and come back, your progress won't be saved. Good luck!

Mission: There has been an avalanche at the mountain, and your help is needed. Report to the HQ and G will give further details. Start mission…

1. Talk to G –  there's been an avalanche on the Ski Hill and four penguins are trapped. It's up to you to rescue them!
G will recommend using the life preserver shooter on your mission, so you'll want to ask him:

Where can I find the life preserver shooter?

2. Visit the Gadget Room and put the life preserver shooter in your inventory.

3. Leave the Gadget Room and go to Gary's Room. Do you see anything that will help you complete your mission? There's a telescope stand, but where's the telescope? Keep an eye out for one on your search. 

4. Visit the Ski Village and talk to the sad penguin. A belt on the chair lift is broken and he's in need of a quick thinking Agent like you to fix it.
There's a piece of white fur on the ground. Put it in your inventory – G will want to investigate it later.

5. Go to the Winter Sports shop and search for a belt. Once you have it in your inventory, head back to the Ski Lift to repair it.

6. G said you'll need something to help "reel" the preserver back in. Visit the Ski Lodge and pick up the fishing pole that's leaning against the wall. Now that we have the life preserver shooter and the fishing pole, we'll need some rope.

7. Open your map and visit the Beach. Enter the light house and you'll find some rope resting on the row boat. Put it in your inventory. While you're here, you should search for a telescope. Head upstairs and see what you can find.

8. Aha! That telescope will work perfectly with the stand in Gary's Room. Click your Spy Phone and use the wrench to remove it from the railing. Put the telescope in your inventory and return to the Ski Hill.

9. After arriving at the Ski Hill, enter the Winter Sports Shop and go to Gary's Room. Take the telescope out of your inventory and place it on the telescope stand. Click on the telescope to get a clear view of where the penguins are trapped. 
Hint: You should also be able to see what trails to take to rescue the penguins.

10. Go to the top of the Ski Hill. There's caution tape everywhere except Penguin Run. Click Penguin Run to start your trek towards rescuing the trapped penguins. You will see three different paths you can take. It may take a few attempts to find the correct paths, so be sure to write down which paths work on a piece of paper. Or see at the end of this post for help.

11. After taking the correct paths, you'll reach a dead end where you'll see a broken fence. This must be where the penguins are trapped! Remember when G mentioned you'll need a retrieval device to save the penguins? Combine the life preserver shooter, the fishing rod, and the rope and click on the area where the penguins went over the edge.

12. You will see four penguins on different areas of the screen. Move your mouse to drag the life preserver across the screen and then click your mouse to drop it down. Make sure you knock the branch out of the way on the right hand side of your screen. The Life Preserver can only go so far on its own, so you'll need to pick up the penguin closest to you in order to reach the second penguin.
There's a tree in the middle of the screen blocking your way to the third penguin. Try placing one of the two penguins on the tree to weigh it down. You should have just enough room to get past him and reach the third penguin.
After that, pick up the third penguin and swing down to the left of the tree.You'll see the fourth penguin, who is just a little out of reach. Drop the three penguins you already rescued onto the left side of the rock. Watch as they push the rock onto the tube, propelling the fourth penguin closer to you. Pick up the three penguins again and use their weight to drop down to the left of the tree. Now that the fourth penguin is closer to you, you should have no trouble rescuing the fourth and final penguin!

13. Great job, Agent! You'll be taken to the top of the Mountain where you will see penguins working to repair the damage done by the avalanche.

14. Talk to G  – he'll ask you whether you found anything unusual on your mission. Make sure you give him the white fur you collected at the bottom of the Ski Lift and your mission will be complete!

Spoiler: The correct paths to take are - Right, Middle, Middle, Left, Right.

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