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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Mission 5: Secret of the Fur Club Penguin CHEATS :)

How do I finish the mission Secret of the Fur?

Agents – make sure you have about 45 minutes of free time to complete The Secret of the Fur. If you have to quit and come back, your progress won't be saved. Good luck!

Mission: Help solve the mystery of the fur found in previous mission. meet G in the gadget room to get started. Start mission…

1. Talk to G for briefing on your mission. It sounds like he needs help fixing his Furensic Analyzer 3000. Since you're dealing with tangled fur, open your Spy Phone tools and select the comb. Click the fur to comb the tangles out.

After fixing the machine, G will give you a sample of fur to analyze. Once analyzed, you'll need to go find larger amounts of the trace substances that were found on the fur and bring them back to G. It's time to start investigating!

2. Seeing as the first substance was Hot Sauce, head over to the Pizza Parlor and talk to the Pizza Chef. He'll explain why everything is so messy, and he'll let you take hot sauce and hot chocolate samples to aid in your investigation. If you continue talking to him, he'll also ask you to complete an additional task. Remember to put the samples in your inventory before heading to the Coffee Shop.

3. Talk to the penguin at the Coffee Shop and see if he needs a hand fixing the hot chocolate machine. Click on the machine to take a closer look. It looks like you'll need to open up your Spy Phone tools and select the wrench to connect the milk hose. After that, click on the cup to move it underneath the hot chocolate dispenser, and be sure to switch the knob on the side to hot. Click the chocolate sauce in your inventory and pour it into the top of the machine. Once the cup of hot chocolate is ready, click it and drag it into your inventory.

4. Since the last substance is Jet Pack Fuel, visit the Lighthouse. When you arrive, look for the row boat and put the rope that's resting on top of it in your inventory. Rope can always come in handy on a mission!
You'll come across two petrified penguins. Talk to them to see whether they have any valuable information about the creature and then head upstairs. You will see a floating canister of Jet Pack fuel, but it's just out of reach. Maybe G has something that can help! Head back to HQ, grab the AC 1000, and put it in your inventory.

5. Make your way back to the top of the Lighthouse. Open your inventory, click on the AC 1000, and drag it out to the canister of fuel. Click the AC 3000 to turn it on. It will blow the canister onto the platform where you'll be able to use the scissors in your spy tools to cut it down. Now that you have all three substances, head back to HQ and let G know. He will ask you to place all three samples in the Calibration Machine. Once the goggles are calibrated, click on them to put them in your inventory. Talk to G once more before you leave to hear what he has to say about fashioning a trap.

6. Put your goggles on and explore Club Penguin. You will see tracks on the ground, so follow them around and see what you can find. If you pass by the Lighthouse, click on the net out front to put it in your inventory. It will come in handy when you're setting your trap!

7. After making your way to the Ski Lodge, you'll find a scared penguin hiding under the couch. Talk to him and then head outside. You'll see the shadow of a strange creature and it will mention something about needing a candle for heat.  Head to the Pizza Parlor to pick up a candle to use as bait.

8. After picking up the candle, return to the pond outside the Ski Lodge and set your trap. Combine the net and rope, and set the candle in the middle of your trap.
Great job, Agent! You managed to capture one of the creatures. Pick up the captured crab and put him in your inventory. Remember to pick up the piece of white fur that fell on the ground too. You and G should be able to analyze it using the Furensic Analyzer 3000. And maybe you'll be able to find out more about the other creature that got away.

9. Go to HQ and talk to G about your findings. He'll ask you to analyze your evidence one last time, so put the piece of white fur in the Furensic Analyzer 3000. After determining what the mysterious creature was that got away, your mission will be complete. You'll receive 45 medals for finishing the mission.

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