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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Mission 6: Questions for a Crab Club Penguin CHEATS :)

How do I finish the mission Questions for a Crab?

Agents – make sure you have about 45 minutes of free time to complete Questions for a Crab. If you have to quit and come back, your progress won't be saved. Good luck!

Mission: Your efforts in discovering the secret of the fur have not gone unnoticed. PSA  is looking for more answers and G needs your help! He’s ready to question the crab. Meet him in the gadget room to get started. Start mission…

1. Talk to G - You'll discuss the captured crab and what to do with it. An error will occur with the Crab Translator 3000, and you'll have to follow the crab through Club Penguin and into the wilderness!

2. Follow the crab until you reach a cave with a locked door. Search for something, or someone, who can help you open the door to the cave. You'll find Flare, and he's the perfect size to fit through the door! But you'll have to find something to restore his energy before he can help you.

3. Search for an O'berry to feed him. When you find the bag of O'berries, open your Spy Phone, and use your scissors to cut it down. Click the bag and drop it into your inventory. Return to the clearing where you found Flare and feed him an O'berry. Now that he's feeling better, start your trek back towards the cave.

4. When you reach the cave entrance, throw an O'berry through the small door so Flare can let you in.

5. Once inside, you'll meet Herbert. P Bear! And that pesky polar bear has trapped you in a cage. You'll need help from Flare to escape!

6. Place an O'berry on top of the brown lever to get Flare to turn on the water.

7. Once the water is running, place an O'berry on the left hand side of the platform. Flare will jump onto it and tip it towards the cage lift wheel.

8. Now you need to move the counterweight to allow the water to run underneath it. Place an O'berry on the counterweight that is being held up by the ropes. Flare will jump on top and lift the weight below.

9. Once you're free, look around for anything that may help you get back to Club Penguin. Pick up the map, hot sauce, rope, and anchor.

10. Once you have these items in your inventory, head out the door and back into the wilderness. Oh no! Snow has completely covered the door. Nothing a quick thinking agent like you can't handle! Combine hot sauce with an O'berry and click on the snow. Flare will eat the flaming hot O'berry and clear a path out of the cave for you.

11. Once you reach the base of the cliff, you will need to combine a few items to make it back to the top of the Ski Hill. Click on the rope and place it in the same inventory box as the anchor. Now that you have a grappling hook, click the top of the cliff to return to Club Penguin.

12. Waddle around the island and enter different rooms, you'll find Herbert and Klutzy sitting outside near a fishing hole. Listen carefully to what he says, I think he'll need something to distract him. Visit the Pizza Shop, pick up a vegetarian pizza, and remember to put it in your inventory. Return to the fishing hole and place the pizza beside Herbert. When he moves to eat the pizza, click on his gadget to reverse his plans.

13. Great work, Agent! G will arrive at the fishing hole and you will be able to return his plans to him. He'll thank you for your help and your mission will be complete.

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