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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Mission 7: Clockwork Repairs Club Penguin CHEATS :)

How do I finish the mission Clockwork Repairs?

Agents – make sure you have about 45 minutes of free time to complete Clockwork Repairs. If you have to quit and come back, your progress won't be saved. Good luck!

Mission: The clock has broken down which is causing problems all over the island. G has requested your help in fixing the clock. meet him in the HQ room to get started. Start mission…

1. Talk to G - Herbert and Klutzy are causing more trouble and have sabotaged the Clock Tower. Review the surveillance video with G, you'll need to discuss a few things with him before moving on. Leave HQ and visit the Clock Tower. To get there, you can open your map and click Snow Forts. It's always best to start a mission at the scene of the crime!

2. Talk with Rory, the construction penguin, to find out what is missing from the Clock Tower. Use your map to visit different areas of the island and search for the missing items. If you find items, be sure to put them in your inventory, they could come in handy later. Be sure to talk to other penguins you see on the island - they may have valuable information about the missing items, or Herbert and Klutzy.

3. Some of the items may be a little tricky to find. I remember seeing a spring go flying off the clock. From the video footage, it looked like it shot out towards the Iceberg. You'll need the Electromagnet 3000 from G's Invention Cabinet to retrieve the clock spring. Ask G for the key to the cabinet, and use the Code box in the bottom right hand corner of your screen to spell out "key" on the lock. 

4. One item down, only two to go! Visit The Dock and talk to the penguins with the target. They may be willing to part with the target they found, but you'll have to show them your throwing skills first. Use the colored bar on the right hand side of your screen to adjust your throwing speed. Try setting it to the red zone and throwing the snowball slightly ahead of the target. Once you've hit the target three times, collect the target and put it in your inventory.

5. For the last item, you'll need to make your way to the town and talk to Rookie. He's handing out posters with pictures of the missing gear. Put it in your inventory and head to The Beach.

6. Check out that cool snow chair! Talk to the penguin sitting in it - he'll reveal that a yellow puffle constructed it for him. They're very creative puffles - maybe you could find one to make you a new gear for the Clock Tower? You've already got a picture of what it looks like, so you'll need to grab the green pail and put it in your inventory. It will be perfect to pick up some snow with! Go to The Plaza and search for other items that will help you complete your mission.

7. Even if you're not a musical penguin, checking out The Stage may be wise. There's a very helpful friend waiting for someone to be creative with! Before attempting to play the piano, visit the Pizza Shop and pick up the sheet music on the ground. Once you have it in your inventory, head back to the Stage and place your music above the keys. Play the song and see what happens!

8. I recall a penguin saying that yellow puffles can make almost anything if they have a picture and some snow. I wonder if the yellow puffle could make a gear for you? You have the picture, all you need is the snow! Visit the Snow Forts and use your green pail to pick up some snow to put in your inventory. Then head back to the Stage and give the yellow puffle the poster of the gear and the pail of snow. Put the new gear in your inventory.

9. Now that you have all of the missing items, you'll want to head back to the Gadget Room and look for an invention that will help make your snow-gear stronger. Snow isn't very strong by itself, but you should be able to use one of G's inventions to make it hard as ice! Click the red lever to move the item into the test chamber and then press the red button with the snowflake on it. Once you've finished with the gear, be sure to defrost the spring by placing the object on the conveyor belt, pressing the red lever, and clicking the red button with a flame on it. Put the gear and defrosted spring in your inventory and go back to the Snow Forts.

10. When you arrive at The Snow Forts, click the space under The Clock Tower to get a view of the back of the clock. Now that you can see where the missing pieces fit, you can put them back into place!

11. Great work, Agent! Your mission is now complete. Until next time - Be remarkable. Be resourceful. Be ready.

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