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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Mission 8: Mysterious Tremors Club Penguin CHEATS :)

How do I finish the mission Mysterious Tremors?

Agents – make sure you have about 45 minutes of free time to complete Mysterious Tremors. If you have to quit and come back, your progress won't be saved. Good luck!

Mission: earthquakes have been reported all over the island. Meet G in the gadget room to help track down the source of the tremors. Start mission…

1. Talk to G - tremors have been shaking Club Penguin for a few days now, and it's your duty to find out what's going on. G will let you know that the earthquakes that are occurring are not from natural causes. It sounds like a familiar foe is up to his old tricks! G will recommend visiting The Dock, so open up your map and head over there.

2. Well if it isn't Herbert P. Bear and his trusty sidekick Klutzy! Pay attention to what Herbert has to say and be sure to grab the lantern that Klutzy drops and put it in your inventory. Follow the pieces of paper flying through the air and take note of where they land; you'll need help retrieving both of them once they land.

3. Half of Herbert's map is perched on top of The Nightclub. Could your furry friend help you get it down? I'm sure he'll be happy to help, but he'll  need some food to restore his energy, and something to help him fly. Visit the coffee shop and talk to the penguin behind the desk. He'll need your help picking up the cookies he dropped. To say thank you, he'll give you a cookie that you can put in your inventory. Visit the HQ and click on the brown hat to take it off the wall and add it to your inventory. This hat can help the puffle get part of the map down for you. When you return to the Night Club, put the brown hat on the puffle, and then feed him a cookie. After he retrieves the map piece, make sure you click on it to pick it up.

4. The second part of your map will land in a penguin's newspaper outside of the Stage. Spark a conversation with him and ask if he wants something. It sounds like he's hungry for pizza! Visit the Pizza Shop and order the type of pizza the penguin mentioned.Take the pizza back to the penguin and ask if you can have his newspaper.

5. Once you have both pieces of the map, connect them and head back to The Town. These tremors have really shaken the island! Before you enter the tunnels you will want to help your fellow penguins by securing The Gift Shop. Search for items that can temporarily prop the The Gift Shop up. You will need the hammer you collected earlier, a barrel of cream soda, a balloon, G's special helium, and a net. Search the island and talk to all the penguins you encounter, they'll be able to help you find the items you need.

6. Use the tunnels to get to the entrance of the sunken Gift Shop. When you arrive, click on the cream soda in your inventory and shake it up using your mouse until it looks like it is ready to explode. Place it underneath the door of the Gift Shop and watch as it pushes it above ground. Head back to the Town and use the net, nails, hammer, and special helium balloon to make sure the Gift Shop is secure.

7. Once you're finished, enter the tunnels and look for Herbert P. Bear and Klutzy. Make sure you have your map handy and follow the directions. Aha! You've found Herbert's drill! Is there anything you want to grab from it while he's not in sight? If you need a hand, try using the tools on your Spy Phone. I wonder where Herbert is hiding? Wherever he is, he's up to no good. A trusted agent like you will need to find him!

8. Once you've found him and his sidekick, do your part to try and capture him. Be sure to listen to what he has to say, and remember to keep in touch with G. You will have to repair what Herbert wrecked. You won't need to use every piece available, just make sure you connect the tubes from the top left to the bottom right!

9. Once this is done, answer your spy phone and report to G in HQ. If you managed to disable Herbert's drill, give G the item you collected.

10. Great work, Agent! With Herbert and Klutzy still at large, you never know when the PSA will need you again! As always - Be remarkable. Be resourceful. Be ready.

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