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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Tour Guide Fair 2015 Club Penguin :)

Dock: This bit of shoreline is the Dock. You can play Hydrohopper or go to the Amazement Park. While the Fair is on there will be rides and prizes to enjoy!

…The Main Stage: This is the park's entrance. Home to the big stage and the Daily Spin. The Penguin Band will put on a show soon…

…Safe chat  quick messages:
The Amazement Park
Let's play the Daily Spin
Quests await in Ye Olde Castle!
The Fair is back in town!
Where should we start?
Let's meet at the entrance
Blast off to Galaxy Park!
Mosey over to Tumbleweed Town!
Set sail for Pirate Park!
Let's go to the Wagon Wheel!

…We have three special Party emotes :)

…Applauds for the AWESOME Penguin band :) You can get their old FREE background by clicking on them :)

…Ye Olde Castle: Hear ye hear ye! Welcome to Ye Olde Castle Have an ogre-sized snack or take on the Medieval Monsters!

…This mini game is NEW for this year: Beware the ogres! Stop the mad wizard! Use your magic snowballs to defeat them and earn tickets!

…Galaxy Park: Welcome to Galaxy Park the futuristic fun zone! Jump into the arcade game, ride the Space Squid Coaster or take flight as a superhero!

…8-bit: Welcome to the digital world! This is a historical game from the 8-bit era. Dance, throw snowballs, and collect items!

…The Space Squid Coaster: This is the Space Squid Coaster. It has a drop height of 75 feet and a top speed of 47mph It's named after a famous movie monster! The Space Squid Roller Coaster Video Club Penguin :)

…Fair 2015 Party Jokes:
What do you call a knight who's afraid to joust? Sir Render!
Why was the cowboy a lot of laughs? He was always horsing around.
Where do cowboys cook their meals? On the range.
How much do pirate earrings cost? A buck-an-ear!
Where does the space squid park his ship? A parking meteor!
Why's Herbert like a roller coaster? He's got his ups and downs!
What do you use in a puffle canoe? Puffle paddles!
What did the penguin do in the retro arcade machine? Ate bits!
What color do pirates hate? Maroon!
Why did the reporter go on the roller coaster? To stay in the loop!

…Tumbleweed Town: Welcome to Tumbleweed Town pardners! Mosey to Balloon Pop to win some tickets or go to Bullseye to practice your aim. To the right is the Wagon Wheel. I reckon there ain't no better ride…

…Wagon Wheel: This here Wagon Wheel is a beaut. Take a look see at the view. We're goin' high above the igloos I can see where I live from here! Wave to the rest of the park, pardners!

…Bullseye: Howdy pardners! We got some nasty varmints here. Take aim with your snowballs and hit the targets as they pop up. Each one has a ticket bounty to collect!

…Pirate Park: Arr! Here be Pirate Park. Thar be Buccaneer Boats for bumpin and the Marooned Lagoon to explore Avast! It be a scallywag's paradise!

…Buccaneer Boats: Avast! These be the Buccaneer Boats. Thar be treasures here mateys. Bump yer boats into the signs and you'll collect tickets!

…Marooned Lagoon: This be the Marooned Lagoon. Stay sharp me hearties…

…Thar be merguins and buried treasure. And don't be tippin' yer boat. You don't want to be marooned too!

…here is the Map of the Fair and Amazement Park 2015 :) Members can Transform into crabs, robots, dragons, and coyotes! You can earn the Explorer Stamp during this Party and…

…on this post is MORE Party info Fair and Amazement Park 2015 CHEATS + Rainbow Puffle Party :)

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It's not a coyote! It's a werewolf!

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