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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Club Penguin Times issue 507 :)

Surf Rivalry! PH’s Puffle Predictions :)

Surf Rivalry!

Waves vs. Caves! By Aunt Arctic — Looks like the rivalry between cart surfers and sea surfers is heating up. Both camps are looking to prove they’ve got the coolest tricks in the South Pole. A big surf-off is coming, and both sides are going to give it their all.

The cart riders of the underground believe they’re the more dedicated surfers. A cart surfer said, “We do tricks on top of metal rails. We ride mine carts that aren’t even meant to do jumps. Our mascot is the black puffle. There’s nothing more intense than a good mine run.” In response, one of the top wave surfers said, “Just because we like some sand and sun with our surfing doesn’t mean we’re push-overs. I’d like to see a cart surfer pull off an Icebreaker with a shark swimming around!” Both groups are determined to settle this through tricks. If you’d like to join a team, check out Cart Surfer underneath the Shack.To play Catchin’ Waves, go to the Cove. You can show your skills through your Stamp Book. Good luck to both teams!

PH’s Puffle Predictions :)

There’s always more to discover! By PH — 2014 was a bonza year for puffles! I never could have imagined we’d discover so many new species. But, a puffle handler can’t help but wonder about new puffles. There have been a few rumors from the Puffle Guides that I want to investigate. Let me know if you know anything about these little guys. • Lava Puffle - I reckon these have gotta live in the volcano. Or maybe they’re back in Prehistoric Times. • Dragon Puffles - We know about a magic potion to turn into dragon puffles. But were they ever real? I heard that Scorn bloke came from a place called Dragon’s Peak... • Robot Puffle - This one’s a real head scratcher. Who would ever build a robot puffle? • Cow Puffle - I’ll gotta keep an eye out for these. I reckon they’ll show up unexpectedly. Like right outta the blue.

Island Rumors :)

ROCKHOPPER IN TROUBLE? By Rumor Reporter – Is anyone else concerned by Rockhopper’s last message in a bottle? I don’t think that Wheel of Potent Cheese was very good for him. This may just be wild speculation, but what if that cheese was so cursed that Rockhopper forgot the way to Rockhopper Island? Or Club Penguin?Let’s keep an eye out for our favorite pirate captain.

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until July 22.
Next pin hidden: July 23–August 5

Newsflash :)

Fishdog sellers needed at the Stadium. Man the snack carts and feed those fans.

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

Aunt Arctic are you a black belt in Card-Jitsu? – Yash2222
I am. I have been training with Sensei for many years. I must say I quite enjoy it. Sensei is very patient, but also very tough. There is no time for tea when he’s teaching! That comes after. And I’m very proud whenever I defeat Sensei in a Card-Jitsu battle, as rare as that may be. While I admit that I am far from being a Card-Jitsu master, ninja training has prepared me well for dangerous situations. You never know when you might need these skills.

Fan Art by Sanchezkapo9 :)

Rookie and the Daily Spin! By Rookie — Whoa! That’s AWESOME! I can’t believe you drew a picture of me. I feel like I should give you something back. Do you want a sandwich? Or a tour through the Box Dimension? Or a high five? I will totally keep this forever, Sachezkapo9. I love that you drew the Daily Spin beside me. That’s like, just what I did at the Fair party! This is going up on my wall, right next to the fan art of my rubber ducky.

Secrets Classified The Dino Puffles :)

By Gary the Gadget Guy - The origin of these particular pufflesis a fascinating story. In January 2014, I received a message from my distant ancestor, Garugg the Ugg Ugg. He and the caveguins needed our help to rescue dino puffles. We went back in time to a prehistoric Club Penguin and hatched dino puffle eggs. That was a stupendous application of heat dynamics—by that I mean we used a volcano! I even adopted my first puffle, a blue triceratops named Darwin. Unfortunately, travel to the past is not a simple endeavor. For now, the prehistoric times are inaccessible. I hope we can visit again one day. Not only to bring back more dino eggs, but because dinosaurs are scientifically proven to be awesome!

…see earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 506 :)

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