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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Club Penguin Times issue 509!

Into the Minderizer 3000! First Mate Yarr!

Into the Minderizer 3000!

Perfectly safe! By Gary the Gadget Guy — Greetings! The Minderizer 3000 is at the Docks and Captain Rockhopper needs our help! We’ll have to go inside his mind to save it. This will be one of the strangest landscapes we’ve ever explored, but at least the captain’s emotions will be guiding us. Turn Inside out!

That’s right, inside his mind you can meet Joy, Anger, Fear, Disgust, and Sadness! Joy was a positively exuberant guide in Rockhopper’s mind. She told me our piratical pal lost his core memories and won’t be back to normal until they’re returned. These core memories are extremely important to everyone’s personality. I would love to study what memories made an impression on Rockhopper. For instance, why does he have such a peculiar diet? But, we’ll need to collect them first, and that means venturing into Imaginationland, Loot Island, and other parts of Captain Rockhopper’s mind. Onward for science! Or is that inward...?

First Mate Yarr!

Always looking for adventure! By Aunt Arctic — Yarr, the red puffle pirate, is well-known for his bravery. Perhaps the greatest example of his courage is that he serves as Captain Rockhopper’s first mate. Sailing on the Migrator is an excellent way to get into trouble almost constantly. But, such is the life of adventurers. Yarr was originally discovered on Rockhopper Island (named by the captain, naturally). He took an instant liking to the jovial explorer and has been at his side ever since.If it wasn’t for Yarr, our dear captain would have been stranded even more often. You see, he’s actually the better navigator of the two of them. Rockhopper may be captain of the ship, but I don’t know it would get anywhere without its first mate! I’m sure he’ll be fine, though I’ll try to find out where he is now. Maybe Jet Pack Guy can go looking for him.

Upcoming Events :)

Aug. 6 Penguin Style Kick off a month of fun fashion with the new catalog at the Clothes Shop!

Aug. 6 Furniture & Igloo Catalog Home sweet home! Check out the furniture catalog from your very own igloo.

On now!–Help Rockhopper’s emotions before time runs out on Aug. 5!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until Aug. 5
Next pin hidden: August 6–August 19


As fun as it would be, penguins are asked NOT to open Portal Boxes while in Rockhopper’s mind.

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

How do I send in fan art to the newspaper? – Adele80726
Hello Adele80726! I love to receive fan art. It’s very exciting to see what the island’s artists are up to. If you have drawings to submit, please go to There are many submissions, so I can’t say for sure that your piece will appear in the paper. But know that I’m always thrilled to receive new art. Thank you, and I look forward to your submission!

Fan Art by Gigaloxis :)

An orange puffle in its favorite dimension. By Aunt Arctic — Oh this is such a lovely drawing. It’s great to see some orange puffle art. I think orange puffles are more intriguing than most realize. After all, they come from the mysterious Box Dimension. They must know all sort of secrets about it. Or perhaps they just really enjoy the Cookie Dimension!

Secrets Classified Card-Jitsu Snow :)

On your journey, use these tips to help you master Snow.
• Each ninja has a different health level, attack range, and attack strength.
• Ward off nearby enemies before reviving a ninja to keep them safe. Your teammate’s health will be low and cannot stand another attack.
• Power Cards affect everything in a nine tile area. Try to hit as many enemies as you can in a single Power Card attack.

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 508!

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