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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Frozen Pizza – Saraapril Games :)

Spot the Difference: Today I have worked all day at the Pizza Parlor and Penguins have bought pizza like CRAZY so when Sensei ordered one we were out of both dough and toppings! Luckily we had a few frozen ones in the freezer from last week and I made sure the pizza was still frozen when I arrived to the Dojo so it could be freshly defrosted and warmed up :)

…Here I’m still working on heating that pizza for Sensei BUT on this picture three things are different…can you find them?

…Leave your answer as a comment and I will post them on Wednesday :)

Saraapril Games :)


Anonymous said...

The water symbol was removed from the second image! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh and the pepporoni on the pizza emoticon were removed.

Unknown said...

1.Water symbol is gone
2. Sensei's sandal is missing a strap
3.Toppings on pizza are gone.

Pinks80 said...

the water symbol on the rug, your pizza icon and Sensei is missing a shoe.

Bongi6 on Club Penguin said...

I found the differences!
1. The water symbol on the amulet is not on the second picture.
2. Your pizza emote did not show the toppings unlike the first picture.
3. On the second picture, on Sensei's left flipper (my right) The lines that are on the sandal are not there, unlike the first picture.

Anonymous said...

water symbol is missing
toppings on the pizza emote are missing
strap on sensei's slippers are missing

Mermaidbexi said...

The pizza has no toppings, there is no water icon and also the left strap on Sensei's shoe. GG!

Anonymous said...

Hey Saraapril, here are the answers:
1. There is no topping on the pizza emote
2. The water symbol on the ground is gone
3. The straps on Sensei's right sandal are gone

Pinks80 said...

your pizza emote, the water symbol on the rug and Sensei's shoe.

Anonymous said...

1st Difference: No water element on the floor.
2nd Difference: No ingredients on the pizza emoticon
3rd Difference; The Sensei is missing a sandle lace (really don't know how they're called)

-Nice game Sara. I'm Raaix

Unknown said...

1. The water icon is missing.
2. The pepperoni on the pizza emoticon is missing.
3. ??

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