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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Club Penguin Times issue 511 :)

Rockhopper rows back! Fashion Month :)

Rockhopper rows back!

Great arm workout. By Captain Rockhopper — Avast! What an adventure I be havin’! That cursed wheel o’ cheese I be finding was delicious! But I don’t think it be worth losing all me core memories for. Good thing I be havin’ me mateys here on Club Penguin to help me out. Now I be off to Rockhopper Island to rejoin me closest friend—The Migrator! Har har!

I only be teasing of course. Yarr be the finest first mate on the sea and we be needing to get back to our treasure hunt! He surely be relaxing on Rockhopper Island, telling tales to the other red puffles. But I think me first mate exaggerates a little too much. Yar har har! I can’t wait to feel the deck under me flippers as we prepare to set sail again. I can smell the treasure now! Or be that the stinky cheese left in me beard?

Fashion Month :)

A passion for fashion. By Aunt Arctic — August is going to be a fancy, stylish month here on Club Penguin Island.C heck out the Clothes Shop in the Town and you’ll see it bursting with vintage fashion. The Penguin Style catalog is enormous! I don’t envy the delivery guy who brought that in. All of these new items are going to come in very handy as we head towards the Fashion Festival on August 27. It’s going to involve a whole lot of outfit changes and some real clothing creativity. I don’t want to spoil any more, especially because Dot the Disguise Gal will be telling you about it soon!

Upcoming Events :)

Aug. 27 Visits Dot visits the island during the Fashion Festival

Aug. 27 Fashion Festival Bring your wildest, coolest, and most glamorous looks!

On now! Penguin Style–The biggest catalog ever!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until Aug. 19
Next pin hidden: August 20–September 2

Newsflash :)

Did you know it’s International Clown Week!? Rookie sure does, so he’s taking a vacation!

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

Can only Herbert tip the Iceberg? – Olivia5659 That is quite an interesting theory, Olivia5659. You must be very determined to tip the Iceberg! Getting Herbert to such a cold and busy place would be difficult. He probably wouldn’t show up without some kind of lure. But, with his size, he might just be able to tip it. Of course, then you’d have a wet, angry polar bear on your hands—the Iceberg would be the smallest of your problems!

Fan Art by Williams456 :)

Meeting Queen Elsa! By Aunt Arctic — I simply love this art, Williams456. You could say it gave me the chills! I hope you and your puffle had a wonderful time meeting Queen Elsa. You’ve certainly drawn a very fine picture of the event. Hopefully, there were no welding incidents while you and your black puffle were visiting the Ice Palace!

Secrets Classified Big Coin Prices!

If you’re looking for ways to rack up big coins, we have some tips to help you!
• Check out Puffle Round Up in the Pet Shop. The key is to be quick. Herd all the puffles together before putting them in the pen.
• Try Cart Surfer in the Mine. Once you get the hang of turns, try lots of tricks on the straight stretches. Make sure not to do the same trick twice in a row.
• Master the art of pizza making with Pizzatron 3000 in the Pizza Parlor. This game takes some practice, but a great chef can make a lot of coins!

...See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 510!

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