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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Club Penguin Times issue 514 :)

Fashion Festival Launch :) Tenth Anniversary Prep :)

Fashion Festival Launch :)

Celebrate the wacky and classy! By Dot the Design Gal — The Fashion Festival is here! The island is looking glamorous from the Dock to the Plaza. I’ve got my eye on the runways though. The Dock has silly challenges, the Snow Forts is the home of high fashion, and the Forest has the wildest themes.

The first round of challenges has some fashion classics. “Everything Squid” calls back to one of the longest lasting trends in Club Penguin fashion. I’d love to see designers take this in a new direction. How can you show off squiditude and still have your own look? You only have so many clothing slots after all. And I’m dying to find out what you have planned for the “Gold and Graceful” challenge. How glitzy and glam can you go? The “Animal Kingdom” challenge will produce our cutest submissions, I’m sure. There’s nothing quite like cats wearing crowns. After your submission, get out and vote on the other styles. I know I’ll be voting often so I can see as many outfits as possible!

Tenth Anniversary Prep :)

Never too many streamers! By Aunt Arctic — It may still be some time away, but the tenth anniversary is going to be our biggest yet. October 24 is our anniversary, but this year’s event will be much more than a single day party. I’m helping out the party planners by going through my old articles to find all my favorite moments. What are your best memories? How should we celebrate our ten years on the island? Is there anything you’ve always wanted to see again? Or maybe there’s a story you always wanted to know more about. Send in your suggestions as soon as you can. October may be a few months away, but a party like this will take time to plan!

Upcoming Events :)

Sep. 3 Penguin Style The school year kicks off with new fashions in the Clothes Shop.

Sep. 9 Fashion Challenges Finish Submit before this date to get your outfit voted on!

Sep. 11 Top Outfits Revealed! The most-Liked outfits from the Fashion Festival will be shown around the island!

Sep. 3: Furniture & Igloo Catalog— Members can change their whole igloo and create a new look.

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until September 2.
Next pin hidden: September 3–16

Newsflash :)

Record all the big moments of Fashion Festival with a Video Camera or Camera. Available for members at the Clothes Shop!

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

Have you heard of the Penguin Medics? – Mirissa2406
No, I have not. They sound similar to the Rescue Squad, but I can’t say I know about them. Maybe the EPF would even like to get in touch with them. These medics could be great in an emergency. Please write in and tell me more about them, Mirissa2406. It sounds like there’s a story here!

Fan Art by Rapunzelwapa :)

Balancing the elements. By Sensei — This is a wonderful drawing, Rapunzelwapa.  It has inspired a haiku from me: Element balance Is difficult—but at least One gets cool fan art

Secrets Classified Fashion Challenge Tips :)

By Dot the Design Gal - I know those Fashion Challenges can be intimidating. If you’re having trouble coming up with an idea, try these tricks. They are the same ones I use when I’m stuck.
• Put your own spin on everything. I always love mixing patterns. What’s your style signature?
• There are other places to get items aside from the Penguin Style—try the Snow and Sports catalog in the Stadium or the Martial Arts catalog in the Dojo!
• Don’t worry if you can’t get all the items you want—a little can go a long way for a theme like “Hollywood High School.”

...See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 513 :)

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