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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

10 Years Anniversary Party CHEATS Club Penguin :)

The Disney Club Penguin Party of the Years is HERE!!! Sensei, Aunt Arctic, Rookie, Rockhopper, Gary, PH, Dot, DJ Cadence and Herbert are waddling around to Celebrate the Club Penguin 10 Anniversary TOGETHER with us and there are TONS of FREE items for EVERYONE :) HAPPY TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

...Aunt Arctic: Visit the Coffee Shop at the heart of the party and explore our history in vintage decorated rooms. Take a look at the calendar everyone gets a prize each day of the party!

...Saraapril: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY CLUB PENGUIN :) Here at the Party decorated Town Club Penguin members can adopt the Pink Stegosaurs Dino Puffle and the Black T-Rex Dino Puffle :)

...EVERYONE can collect FREE items during this Party :) 10th Anniversary Giveaways! A new item unlocks each day :) Springy Santa Hat item available :) THANKS Club Penguin :) Even though I have most of these items already I know that TONS of Penguins will LOVE these rare items :)

...Time to get a Party Hat and take a look at the CAKE :)

...Aunt Arctic: I'm so pleased you made it to the celebration! This is party central for the anniversary. Go take a party hat so you can always remember this moment.

...Saraapril: Thanks AA I will :) Clicks on Party Hat...

...You have found a 10th Anniversary Hat. Would you like to pick it up? YES PLEASE :)

...I LOVE the 10th Anniversary Hat and how it sparkles on my player card :) Time to blow out the candles on the cake (sadly due to a BUG you can't earn the celebration stamp) and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLUB PENGUIN :)

...And now I will eat CAKE while reading the Club Penguin Yearbook 10 Years Anniversary Edition :)

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Three Holiday items to earn for EVERYONE :)

Brown Pirate Boots item available October 4, 2015 :)

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CP Time Warp #4: Puffle Furniture Exploration :)

White Pirate Bandanna item available October 5, 2015 :)

Support Bullying Prevention - Wear Orange!

CP Time Warp #5 What if We Could Have Puffles in Games?

Blue Puffle Hat item available October 6, 2015 :)

CP Time Warp #6: Camping Party Brainstorm :)

Lantern item can't be collected BUG!

Party invite: Chatt-TEN Anniversary Party :)

Lantern item available October 7, 2015 :)

Club Penguin Times issue 520 :)

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Blue Ice Cream Apron item October 8, 2015 :)

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Spy Phone message from the Director October 8, 2015 :)

Ice Skates item October 9, 2015 :)

Gonna Be Epic Music VIDEO Club Penguin :)

Primal Helmet October 10, 2015 :)

CP Time Warp #9 Comic Ideas :)

Wizardly Hat item October 11, 2015 :)

CP Time Warp #10 Penguin Band :)

Pumpkin Basket item October 12, 2015 :)

Green Safari Hat item October 13, 2015 :)

CP Time Warp #11 Card-Jitsu Water :)

CP Time Warp #12 Card-Jitsu Snow :)

CP Time Warp #13 A Grey Puffle?

Inflatable Duck item available October 14, 2015 :)

Tour Guide 10 Years Anniversary Part Club Penguin :)

Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

Club Penguin Times issue 521 :)

The Anniversary Bots are MALFUNCTIONING!

Anniversary Balloons Pin CHEATS 2015 :)

CP Time Warp #14 The Shadow of Scorn...

Santa Hat item available October 15, 2015 :)

Spy Phone message from Gary October 15, 2015 :)

CP Time Warp #15 Elite Brown Puffle?

Tropical Smoothie item available October 16, 2015 :)

CP Time Warp #16 Puffle Shop :)

Blue Lei item available October 17, 2015 :)

Party invite: Club Penguin 10 Anniversary :)

Music Jam Cap item available October 18, 2015 :)

CP Time Warp #17 Arrival of the Puffle Expert Penguin :)

Saraapril's 10th Anniversary decorated Stamp Book :)

Lavender Bunny Ears item available October 19, 2015 :)

CP Time Warp #18 Rockhopper :)

CP Time Warp #19 Operation Blackout!

Candy Cane Hat item available October 20, 2015 :)

CP Time Warp #20 Halloween!

CP Time Warp #21 The Party Starts Now :)

Halloween Party 2015 CHEATS Club Penguin!

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