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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Club Penguin Times issue 517

Auradon Prep Student Profile: Mal! 10th Anniversary Wishes :)

Auradon Prep Student Profile: Mal!

The School’s new enchantress. By Aunt Arctic — I hear some of our readers are new students at Auradon Prep. I recently sat down with charismatic student, Mal, to see what scholarly advice she has.

Aunt Arctic: What’s the biggest challenge that new students might have at Auradon Prep? Mal: Aside from the lack of villains? Probably all the rules. I’m in Remedial Goodness 101... that seems like a bit much. AA: Word is that some students have been throwing snowballs in class. How do you feel about this? Mal: It’s just how they express themselves. Not everyone’s like me. We all can’t have magical powers passed onto us by the world’s most feared villain. AA: Friendships are so important. I’ve heard a rumor that you and Prince Ben are close friends. Is this true? Mal: Hmm... no comment. AA: What’s something that everyone should bring with them on the first day of school? Mal: My first choice is a spell book or magic wand. It’s important to bring a little magic to class. Mal, thanks so much for talking to us! Good luck to all you students and teachers out there!

10th Anniversary Wishes :)

Reliving adventures... By Aunt Arctic — Club Penguin’s 10th Anniversary Party is coming Oct. 1-21! And while we couldn’t possibly back everything for the party, we’ve had some very fun requests so far! Here’s what some of my friends would like to see:
Captain Rockhopper – Y’arrr, I be wantin’ a pirate parade in the Forest of the 2010 Island Adventure Party. Or a pirate parade at the Cove. I’d even settle for a pirate parade in the Puffle Hotel if need be.
Sensei – A return to Card-Jitsu 2013 would bring me peace and serenity.
PH – Crikey! I’d love to spend some time at the 2009 Puffle Party. There were so many puffles playing at the Snow Forts!
Dot – Please bring back the 2014 Prehistoric Party! I’ve got some great caveguin fashion designs that would be great for it.
Rookie – I want to see the April Fool’s Party rooms come back. But mostly just the Cookie Dimension!
Herbert – How did you find me?! WHAT? You’re having another party? AGAIN?! GET MY EARPLUGS, KLUTZY!

Upcoming Events :)

Sep. 19 Talk Like a Pirate Day Y’arrr, ye be talkin’ a little funny, matey!

Oct. 1 Penguin Style Celebrate the anniversary in style.

Oct. 1 Furniture & Igloo Catalog Decorate for your next party!

Oct. 1: 10th Anniversary Celebrations Begin—The big bash is almost here!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until September 16.
Next pin hidden: September 17–30

Newsflash :)

Princesses dueling at the Snow Forts! Knights are on the scene calling for peace.

Ask P.H. :)

I’ve heard someone speak of a ruby, sapphire and emerald puffle. Is this true? –Snowy7922
Three more gem puffles? Crikey, that would be magnificent! Where do you think ruby, sapphire, and emerald puffles would live? I reckon they’d be close to the blue crystal puffles. Or maybe they’d be underground like gold puffles. Wow, what a rare treasure they’d be!

Fan Art by Wirbin1 :)

A sticky situation. By Aunt Arctic — This is a great drawing, it really makes me chuckle.Poor Rookie seems like he’s in quite a mess. It looks as if the orange puffle spit out his gum. Such poor manners, but I guess you can’t blame an orange puffle for being itself. Even PH has trouble with her orange puffle, Pete. They can be a real handful. Thanks for sharing this laugh with us, Wirbin1!

Secrets Classified Emotes :)

There are a bunch of hidden emotes on Club Penguin. To use them, first make sure your cursor is not in the chat bar. Type the letter E, then type the letter P – a puffle will appear in your speech bubble! You can try this trick with other letters and numbers too. Try E + M to put a coin in your speech bubble, or E + T to TOOT! Try a few different letter combinations and see what you find!

...See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 516 :)

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