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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Club Penguin Times issue 521 :)

Bots going bonkers! Rockhopper's Plants :)

Bots going bonkers!

Not quite a 3000 model yet... By Aunt Arctic — I'm getting tips from all over the island. The bots that Gary designed are giving penguins the creeps. Party-goers say the robots are messing up the recorded lines and saying eerie things. We're in the final week of the Anniversary Party, hopefully no one gets too spooked.

Gary is reviewing his designs and examining the robots, but he can't figure out why they would act this way. He said, "There is less than a 1% chance all of the robots would have this error at the same time." Something strange is certainly going on here. I've seen the Rookie bot, and the look in its eyes is quite unsettling. Stay alert as you explore the island, readers. I think there's more to this story...

Rockhopper's Plants :)

Not exactly a green thumb. By Captain Rockhopper — Do ye know the story of the 2009 Adventure Party? Why, it be a favorite tale of mine. It be a Tuesday, those many years ago, and I be arriving on Club Penguin with a hold full of marvelous plants. Well, I thought they be marvelous. They turned out to be a bit monstrous! They be growing all over me ship, and all over the island.It not be a bad party though. There even be a snowball-eating flower that grew big and then burped! Har har! I never thought I be having so much in common with a plant. Ye can go see it now in the Tree House, right by the Forest. Happy adventuring, me hearties!

Upcoming Events :)

Oct. 21 Item Calendar Free items for only one more week!

Oct. 22 Halloween Party Spooky and sweet party rooms return on Oct. 22!

Nov. 4: Winter Snow & Sports Catalog —The Rink returns along with the winter sports items!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until October 28.
Next pin hidden: October 29–November 11

Newsflash :)

Team Red or Team Blue? Dress in your colors and race down the Ski Hill!

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

What is the oldest game on Club Penguin? – Icy824
Hi Icy824. It's great to get a question about the island's history during the Anniversary Party. The first game was Hydro Hopper, which is still available at the Dock. Before Catchin' Waves, dedicated surf fans would compete to get the most coins or go the furthest. There are still lots of fans of the game, though. It's a great feeling to finally master the jumps and swings! Now is the perfect time to give it a try. Just be ready to hang on tight!

Fan Art by Peladogys :)

By Dot the Design Gal — This is a great little outfit, Peladogys. It's simple and just perfect for a summer day. I love to see fashion drawings like this. I do sketches like that when I'm coming up with new looks. Keep designing, and send me any more drawings you have! Lovely Style!

Secrets Classified Candlestick Secret :)

The Book Room is decorated just like it was for the Halloween Party of 2008. But it goes deeper than decorations. If you search around, you can find a candlestick holder that opens a SECRET door! Follow the passage to discover the monster-making lab from that same Halloween Party. You can dress up as a mad scientist or the latest creepy creation!

...See earlier newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 520 :)

More soon...

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