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Friday, October 30, 2015

Club Penguin Times issue 523!

Brave Penguins Face Fears! Night of the Living Sled Reviewed!

Brave Penguins Face Fears!

The spelling on that test is terrible! By Aunt Arctic — The island has been extremely frightening this Halloween. The wild robots are everywhere and scaring everyone! Thankfully, the citizens of Club Penguin have rallied to turn the tables... POWER DOWN

Gary built the robots to resemble the famous penguins in every aspect possible. When they started going haywire, he discovered that they were also scared by the same objects as the real penguins. So, that vile Aunt Arctic Bot is quite put off by terrible spelling just like me! Once the robots have been scared, they stay still long enough to be deactivated... if you're brave enough to go near them! We know there are still some robots unaccounted for. I expect they'll be jumping out to scare us very soon. Best of luck to all the courageous robot deactivators! Halloween Party 2015 CHEATS Club Penguin!

Night of the Living Sled Reviewed!

The unrelenting Living Sled chases the heroes. By CP Times Film Critic — Since its first showing in 2007, Night of the Living Sled has been a favorite at Halloween. But it’s more than just a scary movie. If you haven’t seen it, a mad scientist brings a toboggan to life on a stormy night. The creature escapes its bonds and chases after innocent bystanders. No matter what they try, they are never able to outrun the ominous sled! The impact of this film can’t be ignored. Gary the Gadget Guy is the resident sled-head (the name for fans of the movie). He says, “Night of the Living Sled is spectacularly awesome. The best snowtop chase scene ever filmed!” If you, like me, are dying to watch the show, check it out at the Lighthouse until Nov. 4. It's sure to sleigh you!

Upcoming Events :)

Nov. 5 Penguin Style Out-of-this-world items land in the Clothes Shop!

Nov. 5 Furniture & Igloo Catalog Styles so new, they're almost from the future!

Nov. 5: Mustache Madness—Fun free mustaches in the Forest!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until November 11.
Next pin hidden: Nov. 12—24


Strange rumblings heard under the Coffee Shop. Could the robots be up to something?

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

Why did you name your black puffle Herbert? – Purple020
I suppose I can't resist a little joke. Black puffles are known for being a bit grumpy, so I named mine after the very grumpy bear, Herbert. But, unlike the bear, my puffle is quite well-behaved. And he's quite pleasant to be around. I do get a chuckle at having a little Herbert I can feed O'berries to and take for walks to the Puffle Park. It's especially funny when my puffle gets into a mood and storms off for a bit. It's exactly like Herbert!

Fan Art by Pollycp2 :)

DJ Cadence owning her look - By Dot the Design Gal — This is a great pic of DJ Cadence! She's always has this cool, energetic style, and you totally captured it. She's one of my fashion inspirations. You've also showcased her awesome attitude. DJ Cadence always dances to her own beat, just like she's doing in this drawing.

Secrets Classified Golden Items :)

By PH - Gold puffles are just ace at digging up rare treasures. When they're out on walks, they'll find unique gold items. If you see someone sporting a shiny new Goldstache, it's because they have a happy gold puffle that dug it up for them!

...See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 522!

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