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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Halloween Party 2015 CHEATS Club Penguin!

OH NO! The Disney Club Penguin Halloween Party 2015 is HERE and we have a SCARY problem! The Malfunctioning Bots from the 10th Anniversary Party have gone CRAZY and are now running wild on our Island! If you dare PLEASE help us catch them and then let's remove all the HORRIBLE HALLOWEEN decorations and make jam of the Pumpkins...what? Oh...forget what I said about the pumpkins Uncle Gary likes them so the jam making has to wait...LOL :) By the way Gary will be waddling around in CP during this Party so we can meet him and on this walkthrough post you will find helpful tips and cheats to find all FREE items you can earn and other secrets :) Gary: Gadzooks! The robots I made have gone haywire! It's a scary start to Halloween. Please help me with these crazed contraptions! The Gary Bot is in the Mine Shack now. Click on Go there...

...There he is and he's jumping around all over the room like CRAZY! I need to save Club Penguin Island and my friends from him BUT first I will investigate what's hidden behind the icon at the upper right corner...clicks on icon...

...and opens the Rampage Robots catalog with items and mission instructions! members can adopt Ghost Puffles and transform into Rogue Robots. EVERYONE can stop the Gary Bot! Okay time to quickly take a look in the newspaper and then I will stop the pile of bolts...

...Gary: Egad! This robot is out of control! Let's trigger a fear response to try and stop it! It's afraid of the same thing as me: decaf coffee! Bring some back from the Coffee Shop! OK! On my way Uncle G...

...What has happed in here!?! The CAKE is GONE and the room is a MESS! No time to think about that right now I need to... on the coffee to pick it up and...

...Gary: That's what you need! Now return to the bot and click on it. OK...

...The Gary Bot is INDEED afraid of decaf coffee...

...Gary: Success! Now click on the robot to access its power cables. Connect the green terminal to the yellow one! OK...

...How to solve this puzzle? Hmmm...Just click on the cables to connect them and AVOID any broken part...

...DONE :)

...Gary: Well done! We're safe from this robot, but there are others sneaking around. OK Gary I will keep my eyes open for them! EVERYONE can collect the Decaf Coffee item and members can also collect The Scary Gary item!

...I feel a little sorry for the Gary Bot it was FUN to see it jumping around BUT next rampage robot will be here tomorrow October 22, 2015 so I better stay alert!

...Time to investigate the Robo-Maker 3000! For the sake of science let's turn into a robot...GULP...


...PHEW! I'm a Penguin again :) I can now officially report that the Robo-Maker 3000 is working perfectly and is safe to use :)

...Members can adopt a Ghost Puffle BUT I did that last year and I'm not ready for another Scary Puffle BUT...

...I'm ready to report a BUG! The special dance indication is stuck after I turned back into a Penguin again! Over and out from the BUG Hunter...LOL :)

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Unknown said...

On clubpenguin APP I was able to stóp all the robots. Strange...

M3wz said...

Yeah Grzeg Orz. But thats good cause I got an unreleased item on the computer (you can do that :D)

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