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Friday, November 6, 2015

Abducted by UFO - FUN with Friends :)

When I was waddling around in Club Penguin I met Spagetti22 and she hoped to be abducted and get a Tinfoil hat too...How to get the Tinfoil Hat item in Club Penguin CHEAT :)

...Oops! The green light beams me up again...

...This UFO is so COOL :)

...I'm so glad I met you again Spagetti22 :) I will tell you all about my latest abduction :) Tips: Look at the bottom of this post to know when, where and how you can get abducted in Club Penguin :)

...At the Ski Hill some Penguins waited and hoped to be picked up by the UFO...CONGRATS Sloppy Joppy :) Where I got abducted? The first time was at the Ski Village :)

...Evanmueller4 waited for the green beam too :) We had so much FUN talking and then...

...we went to the Puffle Lodge and played Find Four :) Hi Lexjane12 :) I think I got the Tinfoil hat from an Alien! If you go outside and wait you can be beamed up :)

...Good Game :)

...I think the most frequently asked question in Club Penguin today is: Where did you get that hat? You have to wait for the UFO to fly over the room you are in so you can be beamed up :)

...Stardusk 34 is chosen...

...CONGRATS and welcome back :)

...Willam 89 got abducted at the Dock :)

...Hi Yoyosam7 and Gmedal :) One by one we are being abducted by someone at an UFO :)

...The UFO will be over the Town in a few minutes...

...Hi Pinkto4 :) I'm HAPPY to send you a postcard :)

...Sixbatdogs72 got abducted by the UFO!

...CONGRATS and welcome back to earth :)

...Who will be next?

...HAVE FUN :)

...THANKS I LOVE Ice-cream :)

...Bye for now Friend :)

...Thanks for the FUN :)

...And THANKS to ALL FRIENDS I have player TOGETHER with in Club Penguin :)  I hope you ALL soon will get abducted and get your Tinfoil hat :)

FUN with Friends :)


Mermaidbexi said...

Hi there! I love your blog and try to read it everyday. I was wondering, do you have any tips on how to start a blog? I'd love to know! Also, when you do go on Club Penguin, what server do you go on?
Mermaidbexi =^-^=

Anonymous said...

Hey that's me! Thanks, Saraapril! Your the best. :)

Sqy21 said...

Saraapril I waited for 15 minutes in Ski village cus I wanted to see someone go up, and then i went away for like a second and I came back and 4 people including me had a special hat. Seriously! All i wanted was to see them go up. Oh well atleast i got a cool alien hat!

IAmBusyInAnimalJam said...

I got chosen at the Ski village too!

Erica and Mummy ROBLOX said...

This is Erica, and I just got abducted!

Unknown said...

I am concerned that people want to be abducted by aliens. We don't even know what they have done to us! What if that hat was a mind control device that they put on you before setting you free so that they could make you their slaves later on? I'll try to stay inside to be on the safe side.

Shadheart12 said...

I finally got abducted! Yay!

Unknown said...


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