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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Club Penguin Times issue 524 :)

Herbert behind Robot Rampage! Best Buds Interview!

Herbert behind Robot Rampage!

Ruining a perfectly good Halloween. By Aunt Arctic — Breaking news! Our Halloween woes were caused by that persistent villain, Hebert P. Bear! When the robots started acting strange, Gary was convinced his programming wasn’t to blame. Now we know.

Thanks to the actions of one of Gary’s assistants, we discovered the true cause—that nefarious bear! The details around the confrontation with Herbert are still under wraps by the EPF, but I have learned that he didn’t just reprogram Gary’s bots. He also created an enormous Herbot! Herbot was defeated, but in the scuffle, Herbert and his sidekick Klutzy the Crab escaped. I have been assured that the EPF is on high alert and will be tracking Herbert down. If you see any signs of him, make sure you shout out. The EPF will be on the scene immediately.

Best Buds Interview!

Rookie puts the tough questions to JPG. Rookie: Hiya JPG! What’s the awesomest thing you’ve done today? I mean other than everyday EPF awesomeness. JPG: Hello Rookie. It’s been busy. Rookie: Okay, first question. Well, second maybe? I don’t know. Is it the first or second? JPG: That was the second. Rookie: Right, so...third question? What’s your favorite food? JPG: Is this the “really important project” you needed help with? Rookie: Ya! You’re helping me with this interview, buddy! JPG: <sighs> Okay. Hardtack. It packs well. Never goes bad. Rookie: What is that? It sounds really cool. Hmm. What else should I ask? JPG: Your last question... please. Rookie: That’s it! Why didn’t you guys want me to talk about the secret EPF radar project? JPG: Stand back, Rookie. Rookie: He flew away! Must’ve had an important mission. This is Rookie signing off. Sign off!

Island Rumors :)

TINFOIL HATS - By Rumor Reporter – A few tinfoil hats have been spotted around the island, and sources from the Clothes Shop are baffled. There are lots of rumors floating around, but here’s what some (mostly) reliable sources think about the mysterious, new hats:
Pizza Boss: “If you’ve got cold pizza and you’re in the sun, you can totally use that for an energy-efficient heater. Such a useful item!”
Shopper: “I personally think a boa is a better option if you’re going for wardrobe diversity...”
Rookie: “Tinfoil hats mean ALIENS. Or someone ran out of little plastic baggies and had to use that to wrap their sandwiches in.”
So there you have it. If you see someone wearing one of these tin lids, please ask them where they got it!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until November 10.
Next pin hidden: November 11–25

Newsflash :)

Everyone is getting a bad wi-fi connection around the island. What’s going on?

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

Why are there viking hats? – Cupcake34496
Viking hats are treasured items on Club Penguin, no matter what color they come in. With their iconic horns, these helmets are a great way to identify yourself as a viking. It’s not clear if there were vikings on Club Penguin before modern times. However, some explorers discovered the Hall of the Viking Lords on Shipwreck Island during Rockhopper’s Quest 2012. I wonder if those “viking lords” brought their helmets over in the olden days?

Fan Art by Pinkie7031 :)

Eeep! It’s frightfully good. By Aunt Arctic — This is a marvelous drawing, Pinkie7031. You’ve done a great job with Fear’s expression, and you’re spot on with the outfit. It looks like he’s trying to return a core memory, just like we did for Rockhopper this past July. I hope he gets it back safe and sound. Captain Rockhopper was completely out of sorts while his core memories were missing!

Secrets Classified Puffle Launch :)

By PH - G’day Mates! Want to blast your puffle into the skies and collect Puffle O’s? Ace! Head to the Pet Shop and keep in mind:
• Some obstacles can help ya out! If you want the fastest time, aim for the nearest cactus, and see where it shoots ya!
• If you’re in a cannon that’s spinning around, shoot off in a random direction. Ya might wind up skipping some cannons!
• Don’t worry about your puffles getting splinters! Their helmets will keep ’em safe.
Keep practicing, and you’ll get the hang of it in no time. Just watch out for a certain nasty crab!

...See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 523!

More soon...

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