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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Club Penguin Times issue 526 :)

AREA 501! Klutzy the Crab :)

AREA 501!

A new gated community? By Rumor Reporter — Have you heard the rumors? Alien encounters? Tin foil hats appearing out of nowhere? Well we thought there was something more to these conspiracy theories, and it looks like the truth is right inside Area 501.

We’ve heard reports of Jet Pack Guy flying around, and even some polar bear sightings! But lately, the stories coming from all over the island have been out of this world. I say your best bet to discover the truth is to investigate. Make sure to take good notes. When we interviewed Aunt Arctic about all of it, she said, “No comment.” She was nice and all, but I have a few theories about her, too.... Get the scoop and report back!

Klutzy the crab!

In with the wrong crowd. This is a general public service announcement.The Club Penguin Times has been asked (by anonymous sources) to have everyone on the lookout for a very specific crab. Klutzy the Crab is the known sidekick and accomplice of Herbert P. Bear—a villain who has plagued the island with evil plans for years. Klutzy may not be as dangerous as Herbert—there have been eye-witness accounts that he enjoys dancing and puffles. If you spot him around, please be resourceful, be remarkable, and be ready. He is the subject of an ongoing investigation.

Upcoming Events :)

Nov. 26 Extreme Paint Festival Continues Nothing like a coat of paint to cover things up!

Dec. 3 Furniture & Igloo Catalog A holiday catalog for the festive season!

Dec. 3: Penguin Style—The warmest and comfiest winter outfits!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until November 25.
Next pin hidden: November 26–December 9

Newsflash :)

Paint Festival is a hit with new visitors to the island!

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

Some of my friends like peanut butter but some hate it, do you like it? – Perunamuu
Hello Perunamuu, Such an interesting question and well timed! I was just thinking I need to better hide my peanut butter. My puffle, Scone, has been undoing lids and helping himself to rather large portions of snacks lately. Indeed I enjoy peanut butter, but likely wouldn’t eat the whole jar at one time like Scone. I prefer it with jam, chocolate, or as a treat when Sensei visits for tea.

Fan Art by Emma58 :)

Time for a wish! Well done, Emma58! I had this up on my computer when a few of my friends were visiting the Club Penguin Times office the other day. There were a lot of “ooohs” and “awwws”. Dot appreciated the lovely dress design, and Rookie especially enjoyed the wishing star in the back. In fact, I heard him wish for an extra large tuna sandwich on rye with mustard! I personally love the way that you’ve used the dramatic background to make your art feel special and important. Keep up with your creative work!

Secrets Classified ???

New EPF handbook in HQ read up agents

...See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 525 :)

More soon...

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