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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Club Penguin Times issue 527 :)

They come in peace :) Let’s welcome our visitors!

They come in peace :)

First contact made with alien puffles. By Jet Pack Guy — Attention citizens of Club Penguin! The following is an announcement of the highest priority. We are not alone. I repeat: We are not alone. Alien life has been discovered. Or rather, it discovered us.

Two weeks ago at zero-five-hundred hours, Herbert P. Bear contacted the EPF. He claimed Klutzy the Crab was beamed up by an unidentified flying object. For obvious reasons, Herbert P. Bear was not included. Thanks to EPF agents, Klutzy was recovered. The alien puffles are peaceful. Now the spacecraft is in danger of crashing. Herbert P. Bear stole the UFO’s power supply. I urge all citizens to remain calm. The EPF plans to stabilize the vessel before it falls to Earth. Brave agents work on this as we speak. We are evacuating all alien puffles. Citizens are asked to adopt a puffle and bring it to a safe home. Keep a watchful eye, agents. We must discover Herbert’s plan for the power supply.

Let’s welcome our visitors!

Encounters of the adorable kind. By PH — Wowza! Who ever thought there was life beyond the stars? This changes everything we know about puffles! They sure are unique creatures — and cute too! I was expecting them to have some kind of sticky tentacles. They might be a wee frazzled about their ship acting wonky, but they’re really a brave lot. And I reckon they’re awfully curious to have come all this way to explore Club Penguin. I’m sure our new mates would love to be shown around our igloos. What a discovery that will be for them!Crikey, they’ll even get to make friends with all kinds of puffles! I bet they’ll really get along with brown puffles. They both love to create crazy technology! Y’know, they’re gonna fit in really well here. Just remember, this might seem weird to them until they adjust. After all, to them we’re the aliens!

Upcoming Events :)

Dec. 3 Penguin Style Cool clothes for cool weather!

Dec. 17 Coins for Change It feels good to give!

Dec. 3: Furniture & Igloo Catalog —BIGGEST FURNITURE CATALOG EVER!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until December 9.
Next pin hidden: December 10–December 23

Newsflash :)

Dot working on matching tinfoil skirt and handbag.

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

How do you play Pizzatron in candy mode? – Pinknoel9
So you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, Pinknoel9? Well, I know the way to activate Candytron 3000! When you’re on the menu for Pizzatron 3000, you’ll see a lever off to the side of the hot sauce. Click on the lever and it will turn to candy mode! I wonder who it is ordering these strange pizzas. They can’t all be going to Rookie... right?

Fan Art by Youmay1 :)

Dojo Design - By Aunt Arctic — Wow, this is such a detailed portrait of the traditional Dojo! It’s great to see pictures that capture the island’s history. The Dojo has undergone many changes with Card-Jitsu Fire, Water, and Snow. It’s so nice to look back on it. Excellent job showing the wisdom and mystery of our ninjas’ home base. I’m sure Sensei will smile approvingly when he sees this.

Secrets Classified What Was That Space Rock?

By Gary - If I were to make an educated guess, I would say the space rock is a solid containment device that uses chemical energy to produce electrical energy. That is to say: it’s a battery. A very, very powerful battery unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Surely Herbert can’t be trusted with such an apparatus! I’m not even certain of how we could replace it for our alien friends. This will require more than the two AA batteries powering EPF Headquarters!

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 526 :)

More soon…

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