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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Club Penguin Times issue 528 :)

Galactic visitors settle in :) Biggest igloo catalog Ever!

Galactic visitors settle in :)

Alien puffles friendly to all. By Aunt Arctic— They fit right in here! You’d have no idea that the alien puffles come from a far away world. It’s wonderful how friendly they are. They were so excited to meet new friends that they’d been beaming penguins (and crabs) aboard their UFO!

The EPF did a fantastic job of sorting out that confusion and finding Klutzy. Herbert stole the UFO power source! Imagine the havoc and chaos that he could cause...Well, let’s focus on the positives. Thanks to a quick-thinking EPF agent, the alien puffles have landed safely. It seems they’ll be here until Gary can find a replacement power source. This is a great opportunity to show our alien friends a Club Penguin tradition: Coins for Change! They’re such caring puffles, they’ll have a blast helping others around the world!

Biggest igloo catalog Ever!

It’s a designer’s dream. By Rookie — I love decorating my igloo! In fact, my favorite thing is bologna sandwiches! But my second favorite thing is checking out the Igloo catalog! So of course I’m excited about the BIGGEST. IGLOO. CATALOG. EVER! Maybe I’ll have an ogre dinner party! (Not eating them, but inviting them!) Or an Underwater Talent Show! Or a Halloween beach party with bikers that drive out of a spaceship and take over the frost throne of a mermaid queen who returns with a pack of magical pirates that banish the bikers to a DJ booth surrounded by confetti blasters, jack-o-lanterns, and granite countertops! Oops... I let my imagination run away! Oh well, I’m sure someone will edit this before it’s sent out. I have to go decorate!

Upcoming Events :)

Dec. 17 Coins for Change Your generosity changes the world!

Dec. 31 New Year’s Celebration 3... 2... 1... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Dec. 25: Final Holiday Gift for Everyone!—Deluxe Gingerbread Igloo!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until December 9.
Next pin hidden: December 10–December 23

Newsflash :)

Cart Surfer lineups are long as citizens save up to donate to Coins for Change.

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

Who is that big guy sitting in the Puffle Wild? – Yellow6012
It sounds like you’ve met the sasquatch! You’ll see him in the Puffle Wilds when he’s visiting his puffle family for a meal. He has a big appetite! He grew up with puffles so he used to only eat puffle berries. This left him very hungry. Not long ago some friendly Puffle Guides taught him to fish. Now he has all the food he needs! There’s a saying that came from that: Give a sasquatch a fish and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a sasquatch to fish and you’ll find fur in your sweater for the next week.

Fan Art by Pilkute :)

The cozy comforts. By Aunt Arctic — I love the shading and detail in  this picture, Pilkute! I can almost feel the warmth of the fire. Writing with a hot cup of tea is one of my favorite things to do. It makes me look forward to winter.

Secrets Classified Cart Surfer :)

Get ready for a rapid ride through the Mines. If you’re a skilled Cart Surfer, you’ll earn lots of coins fast! Your task is to perform as many tricks as you can while you stay on your cart. The better the tricks, the more points you earn. You’ll need to perform a variety of moves to earn the max amount of coins. Be especially careful when riding around corners. If you enter a corner while in the middle of a move, or forget to lean the proper way, you’ll crash. The more points you have at the end of your run, the more coins you will earn. Good luck!

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 527 :)

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