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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Club Penguin Times issue 529 :)

What’s Coins For Change? Rockhopper sets sail for Club Penguin :)

What’s Coins For Change?

Show what our community is made of! By Aunt Arctic— Many new penguins (and aliens) have joined us this past year. It’s so exciting—this will be their first Coins for Change! This Holiday Party we’re going to help some wonderful projects around the world!

There are four big programs we’re going to support:
• Providing toys for kids in need
• Saving endangered animals
• Building playgrounds around the world
• Helping children’s hospitals
Every coin donated brings us closer to our goals! Once the coins are raised, Club Penguin will donate real money to these projects. Watching our community come together makes this my favorite event of the year! So let’s do this. Let’s change the world!

Rockhopper sets sail for Club Penguin :)

The wind be at his back. By Rockhopper — Avast! I hope this message reaches ye, mateys! Messages in bottles be tricky, even for this brilliant pirate. There be important news—I be bound for Club Penguin island! Me sails be full and Yarr be blowin’ salty breath at them quick as can be! Soon we be celebratin’ holidays with ye buccaneers! I be havin’ many a shiny treasure in me cargo hold. Come see the holiday loot I be bringing!One word o’ caution, me maties. Best plug yer beak when I arrive. I be eating nothing but stinky cheese since the last time I be on Club Penguin!

Island Rumors :)

By Rumor Reporter – Gary the Gadget Guy has been working hard on the UFO problem. But now he’s suddenly disappeared into the past. It looks like he’s taking the Time Trekker back to prehistoric times. Is he getting help from his ancestor Garugg the Ugg Ugg? Or is there something back then that could help the UFO?

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until December 23.
Next pin hidden: December 24–January 6

Newsflash :)

Snow ninjas guarantee lots of snowfall for the season. They’re making nice fluffy stuff for snowballs, snow forts, and snow pizzas.

Ask Gary :)

How was the Iceberg formed? – Sam8188
That’s quite an inquiry, Sam! Fortunately my ancestor Garugg the Ugg Ugg has told me the story. There was once a great ice age. During this time, a huge fish called a Megalodon was frozen into the ice. As the Megalodon shook to free itself, the ice broke away, creating an ice berg. It drifted for thousands of years before stopping at Club Penguin island. But recently the Megalodon broke free. I was terrified! Fortunately he’s quite friendly. In fact, he just wanted someone to play fetch with!

Fan Art by Kittenlolo :)

A cool hello. By Dot the Design Gal — I know you can’t see me, Kittenlolo, but I’m waving back! First off, love the outfit! That’s my style when I’m feeling casual. Secondly, thanks so much for submitting. It’s scary putting your work out there. I hold my breath whenever I show a new style.  But everyone on Club Penguin is really supportive. And I’m so happy I get to see your art!

Secrets Classified The Boiler Room :)

By Aunt Arctic - The Boiler Room is one of the oldest rooms in Club Penguin. It’s perhaps one of the most important too. And I’m not just saying that because it holds the newspaper archives! The boiler inside is very important for keeping the island running at just the right temperature. Without it, we’d be freezing. And if it was turned up to full blast, it would be hot and sweltering.

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 528 :)

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