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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Club Penguin Times issue 530 :)

Home for the Holidays! Blue Crystal Puffles are Back :)

Home for the Holidays!

Holiday traditions return! By Rockhopper— Ahoy, me merry mateys, I be as jolly as a jellyfish in peanut butter!  Rather than sail for treasure, it be time to give treasure to others. Where you be getting coins to give? Fear not, me hearties, Rockhopper will set ya straight!

First set sails for The Forest. Collect a pretty penny for decorating the tree! Then perhaps a nibble of food be in order? There be rations to throw into food drive boxes in the Dock! Finally, it be time to ring in the holidays. Pitch snowballs at The Plaza’s bells for some hefty loot. Before ya know it, you'll be swimming in coins to donate at Coins for Change stations! Now ye can rest your bones and collect booty from the advent calendar! Arr, what a great time to be a pirate!

Blue Crystal Puffles are Back :)

Shining in the sky! By PH — G’day! It’s the 2015 Holiday Party and that means one thing—it’s been a year since the blue crystal puffles have joined us. These nifty critters are magical! They flew through the Crystal Curtain to have a go at Coins for Change! That’s ’cause blue crystal puffles are very generous. They love the holiday season at Club Penguin. I reckon they’d like dropping gifts from the sleigh above the Lounge .If some of ya take your puffles up there, could ya fly over my igloo? Thanks!

Upcoming Events :)

Dec. 25 Last Day of Gifts! Gingerbread igloos for everyone!

Jan. 7 Penguin Style Cutting edge fashion for 2016!

Dec. 31: New Year’s Fireworks—Light the sky with color!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until December 23.
Next pin hidden: December 24–January 6

Newsflash :)

Residents near the Plaza are wearing thick toques. Either it’s cold or the ringing is really loud!

Ask Dot :)

How do you get the silver surfboard that I see some people have? – Nathdan1
Surfing’s my favorite way to start the day. And the silver surfboard makes a flashy fashion choice! I love how it shines when the sun hits it! What a head-turner! Members can get the silver surfboard from the surfboard stand in the Cove. If there’s one thing I’m certain about for the new year, it’s this:Silver. Is. In.

Fan Art by Moderen :)

Ten years young. By Aunt Arctic — What a delicious picture, Moderen! It looks like you’ve drawn enough cake for everyone! Thank you for capturing our Anniversary Party with this wonderful sketch. I had such a delightful time touring the old party rooms. It’s great to enjoy these memories.

Secrets Classified Rockhopper’s Treasure Hunt Tips :)

By Rockhopper - Arr, grab your first mate for a round of Treasure Hunt! Ye be finding this two-player game in the captain’s quarters of The Migrator! The sparkly sands be a good spot to dig. Candies be nettin' ya one coin. Candy canes be 25. And ornaments be 100! But the bigger the loot, the longer the dig. When the game be done, you be getting coins for the treasure you dug up!

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 529 :)

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