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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Club Penguin Times issue 532 :)

Happy New Year! Rockhopper’s Lost Memories!

Happy New Year!

Another wild year for Club Penguin! By Aunt Arctic — As 2015 comes to an end, I just want to say: Wow! It's been so much fun reporting on Club Penguin the past year. I've gathered some friends to tell us their favorite moment!

Rockhopper: Me best moment be right now, celebratin' Coins for Change with all o' ya!
Dot: We came up with some amazing new styles at the Fashion Fest! Those memories are with me forever.
Jet Pack Guy: No time for nostalgia. Herbert still has the UFO power supply. Stopping him is priority.
Cadence: The SoundStudio Party was off the hook! Everyone on stage blasted it!! BEST. DAY. EVER!
Rookie: Pizza Party was the best! Oh, we didn't have a pizza party? Well I did!
Gary: Pi Day was stupendous! There were impressive crowds celebrating 3.14! Or were they just there for the salmon pie?
PH: We found a sasquatch raised by wild puffles! Then met alien puffles! But crikey, best we find a power source for their UFO soon!
Sensei: Each day was a giftas the ninjas who I trained brought me great wisdom And my favorite moment was the amazing 10th Anniversary Party! Because I got to celebrate with all of you!

Rockhopper’s Lost Memories!

A trip down memory lane. By Rockhopper — Gather round, mateys! The New Year approaching gives me a case of pirate nostalgia. It's been a lively 2015. I'd even lost me mind! (Thanks fer helping me find it, by the way). After that I departed for another grand adventure! I'd set off for a voyage to the unknown! A voyage BEYOND THE HORIZON! The Migrator be slicin' into waves, like a hot cutlass through stinky cheese. But the oceans be angry that day and the rains be a'comin'. Was a real fight, as the sea lay punches on me ship. The Migrator be battered, but I continued on. And suddenly, LAND HO! Through me telescope, I see a beauty of an island! But from nowhere, DISASTER! A great storm emerge and a whirlpool block me way! With the Migrator barely in one piece, there be only one choice. Escape! I set sails for safety and arrived drenched in the sea and covered in starfish. But mark me words: I be reachin' that beauty of an island someday, or me name ain't CAPTAIN ROCKHOPPER!

Upcoming Events :)

Dec. 31 New Year’s Fireworks Colorful rocket science!

Jan. 7 Furniture and Igloo Catalog Tons of furniture, no assembly required!

Jan. 7: Penguin Style—Find a new look for the new year!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until January 6.
Next pin hidden: January 7–20

Newsflash :)

Reindeer look for the last carrots around the island.

Ask Gary :)

What is the unplugged arcade game in the Lounge? – Jackgeo8
Ah, that's my ambitious endeavour into computer programming! We often bring the arcade unit out when the Fair comes to the island. It allows penguins to jump into the 8-bit world! The graphics and audio are quite rudimentary, but have a certain charm. It's only used for special occasions. Otherwise the Modular VR Matrix risks overheating. If this were to occur, I fear penguins would be stuck in the 8-bit world! Gadzooks!

Fan Art by Rere143 :)

Worthy of the Dojo's walls. By Sensei — You honor me with such artistry, Rere143. Your control of style and color shows great technique. Have you practised calligraphy? It is the art of painting words. I believe you would master such design.

Secrets Classified Puffle Rescue Tips :)

By PH Have you found the secret coin bags in Puffle Rescue yet? You get a bunch of coins and stamps if you do! Here are a few tips for finding those tricky coin bags in the snow levels:
• You'll see that the cracked ice breaks when you walk on it. Try breaking ALL the cracked ice!
• In the second level, you'll see a balloon with a key in it. All you gotta do is bring it to a lock!
• For the third bag, look for balloons with light bulbs on them. Light them all quickly and look for shortcuts!

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 531 :)

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