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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Payday in Club Penguin January 1, 2015 :)

If you are a Tour Guide and/or an EPF Agent you will get your paycheck in the Club Penguin mail today :)

…350 coins for my EPF work and…

…250 coins for my work as a Tour Guide :)

…THANKS CP for the 600 coins I was basically broke after Coins For Change and now I can afford a cup of Hot Chocolate :) What a yummy start of 2015 :)

…See earlier Club Penguin Payday :)

Saraapril’s HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015 Igloo :)

Yesterday my Puffles and I borrowed Sensei's Dojo high up in the mountains, invited Friends from the Rainbow Forest and Box Dimension and TOGETHER we had a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015 Party :) We danced, sang, laughed, ate cake and candy, drank cream soda, danced, laughed and sang some more :) It was truly a HAPPY CELEBRATING of the New Year and Sensei showed us his breakdance moves :) Now it’s time to clean up after the Party and I’m HAPPY that a FEW of my Puffles are still awake to help me :) When I asked Sensei for help to take down the decorations he suddenly said he was feeling very old and tired and vanished…hmmm…LOL :)

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