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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Kanan’s Mission CHEAT!

The Kanan Mission is available due to a date BUG! Rescue Kanan from the prison ship…click on Start Mission!

Kanan: It’s a trap! Throw snowballs to take out those stormtroopers. Sigh…do I have to…I DON’T like to fight and I DON’T like the sound they make when they got hit!

Inquisitor: The rebel threat ends here. Stormtroopers, don’t let them escape! (The Stormtroopers can’t hit you)

…The parents and grandparents that saw the We wish you a Merry Walrus Special with their kids or grandchildren and thought that Club Penguin is about making new Friends, Kindness and having FUN TOGETHER and for that reason bought a membership to give away must feel so fooled now when they have realized that Club Penguin is all about Advertising, FIGHTING and WAR!

…ALL Stormtroopers are gone and Kanan is free…Kanan: Wow. I guess we’ll call that your final test. You really proved yourself. Now let’s get out of here before the Inquisitor comes down in person. Click on OK…

Kanan: Members can collect their own lightsabers. If they duel other Force users, they’ll earn even more lightsabers. They will need one if they are going to face the Inquisitor! Click on OK…

…Kanan Mission Accomplished and EVERYONE can collect the FREE Join the Crew Background and members can also collect Kanan’s outfit! Members can now collect a Lightsaber…

Kanan: Before you go swinging that lightsaber around, you should know how to duel. It works like rock, paper, scissors - every attack has a counterattack. Train hard, and watch out for the Inquisitor! Click on OK…

…As I had an old Lightsaber and already done the Inquisitor battle I have no interest in doing that again! Tips: Now suddenly you need to hold a Lightsaber in your flipper to see the Rebel Journey that earlier was visible…WEIRD!

Star Wars Rebels CHEATS Club Penguin 2015!

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