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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Pi and Pie Day Party in Club Penguin :)

In January we could vote on a mini Party and Pi Day WON :) HURRAY I LOVE MATH and Pie is GREAT too! This will be so MUCH FUN :) Follow sign from Town to…

…Snow Forts to...

…The Plaza to…

…The Forest to…

…The Pi and Pie decorated room outside the University and Mine there we can use the snow icon (t) and throw a Pie BUT there is NOTHING SMART in this room like a mini game or a quiz related to Pi Day…I’m DISAPPOINTED!

…Due to info in Club Penguin Times issue 490 both Gary and Rookie will visit this Party…I HOPE they will talk SOME about Pi and NOT only about Pie!

Club Penguin + School Attitude = NOT COOL!

UPDATE: When to meet Gary and Rookie Pi Day CHEATS 2015 German Server :)

Furniture Igloo and Catalog CHEATS March 2015 :)

We have got a NEW Disney Club Penguin Furniture Igloo and Catalog with a few new items and TONS of Newish Puffle igloos! Lack of Club Penguin effort in items! As always I will help you find ALL the hidden secrets without ruin YOUR FUN to look for them :)

…Mouse over this page to find the Old Scoop Chair 650 coins :)

…The Old Funky Bookshelf 550 coins is hidden on this page too :)

…The Red Puffle Tree House 1000 coins is a NEW item :)

…The Orange Puffle Tree House 1000 coins is a NEW item :)

…The Yellow Puffle Tree House 1000 coins is a NEW item :)

…The Green Puffle Tree House 1000 coins is a NEW item :)

…The Blue Puffle Tree House 1000 coins is a NEW item :)

…The Purple Puffle Tree House 1000 coins is a NEW item :)

…The Black Puffle Tree House 1000 coins is a NEW item :)

…The White Puffle Tree House 1000 coins is a NEW item :)

…The Brown Puffle Tree House 1000 coins is a NEW item :)

…The Pink Puffle Tree House 1000 coins is a NEW item :)

…The Gold Puffle Tree House 1000 coins is a NEW item :)

…The Rainbow Puffle Tree House 1000 coins is a NEW item :)

…Puffle Wilds Post 80 coins, Puffle Wilds Statue 100 coins, Puffle Wilds Sculpture 150 coins, Large Multi-berry Bush 80 coins and Multi-berry Bush 50 coins are also NEW items :)

…Stump Drawer 80 coins, Stump Seat 25 coins, Stump Bookcase 150 coins, Recliner Stump 50 coins and Wood Ring Table 150 coins are the last NEW items in this Catalog :)

…Puffle Shop Till 200 coins :)

…Puffle Cave 100 coins :)

…Puffle Tree 220 coins :)

…Scratch Tower 350 coins :)

…Puffle Condo 280 coins :)

…Wilds Puffle  House 120 coins :)

…Puffle Carrier 200 coins :)

…Puffle Shop Shelf 200 coins :)

…And that’s all New and Secret items in this Catalog!

Club Penguin Catalogs :)

More soon…

Club Penguin Times issue 490 :)

PI(E) Day on March 14! Meeting Wild Puffles!

PI(E) Day on March 14!

Holidays mean different things to different people. By Aunt Arctic — A very peculiar event is right around the corner. Pi Day is a celebration of the number 3.14, so it happens every year on March 14 (3/14). That might not sound exciting, but it’s all about pie as well! Who would have thought math and desserts go together?

Gary and Rookie are leading the island’s celebration of Pi Day. They’ll be visiting the School, the Cove, and the Shack. Gary will be discussing the science of both Pi and pie. I hear he has some experimental recipes he wants to try. Rookie won’t be discussing much, not with his mouth full of double-crust blueberry! But, he’s a master of pie-throwing gags. I’m sure he’ll be in fine form. So enjoy the holiday and learn a few facts.

Meeting Wild Puffles :)

Puffle creatures don’t love the crowds. Except maybe Glitterpants. By PH — Puffle creatures are dying to meet us penguins. Whenever I explore the Wilds, I find more puffles looking for owners. I’ve heard they’ve got myths about us that go way back. Just like our myths about puffles! But they’re really far out in the Wilds, and they can be a little nervous at first. They hide in the bushes. The best way to find a puffle creature is to use a wild o’berry. They’re mad for ’em. ’Course, those only grow in the Wilds. But once they smell one of those, they’ll come out to see what’s happening. Then, I reckon they’re ready to be adopted!

Upcoming Events :)

Mar. 14 Pi Day Don’t miss this sweet celebration!

Mar. 26 Puffle Lodge Opening The official opening of the Puffle Lodge. There will be fish cake!

Mar. 26:  Puffle Party — An adventure into the Wilds awaits!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until March 18.
Next pin hidden: March 19–April 1

Newsflash :)

The new Lodge is almost finished! Check out the home of the Puffle Guides before the big launch next week!

Ask Gary :)

What is Pi? – Sir Kell
Greetings! Pi is a very special number. Allow me to explain. If you think of a pie, it’s a circle, right? Well, the number Pi helps us measure all sorts of things about circles. Its width, how big around it is, and how much filling is in the pie. It also has an important second function—we get to eat pie on Pi Day! If you’d like to celebrate it with Rookie and I, please come out on 3/14 and we’ll discover some scrumptious scientific surprises.

What isn’t it like?

What’s the Box Dimension like? – Pore Tall
The Box Dimension is a curious place. One can reach it through a Box Portal, and it seems to connect to all sorts of other dimensions. However, I have never been able to map it out. Rookie is much better at finding his way through it. In fact, he’s been asking me to open up more Box Portals so he can explore further. I think he may just be looking for the Dessert Dimension again. Despite the 96.8% chance of danger, I must admit I’m intrigued. Who knows what discoveries could be made?

Secrets Classified Flash Mobs :)

By DJ Cadence - Do U know how to start an INSTANT trend? Get ur crew and come up with an EPIC look together. Then, jump into a room and throw a party! U could dress as a puffle herd and stampede into the Lodge!

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 489 :)

More soon…

Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

On Disney Club Penguin’s Home page the Sled Racer app icon has been removed and the Tabby Puffle Cat has been removed on the Online Membership Ultimate Access Ad…

…same at the Login Ad!

…There are LOTS of BUG issues with the Disney Club Penguin What’s New Blog and FUN Stuff page! An example: We can’t vote on the Penguin Poll only see this OLD result!

…The Gitterpants Pin is REMOVED…BUG!

…The Igloo Music List is updated with tunes for the Puffle Party 2015 and more :) Go Time!, Go Time Remix, Cabin Trails, Adventure Seekers, Forest Adventure, You Got This, Gotta Have A Wingman, Puffle Party, Puffle Wild, The Woods, Bretzel Bash, French Avenue, Get Pink and Norman Swarm :)

Club Penguin Bugs!

More soon…

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